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nine steps to feng shui Feng Shui Courses Feng Shui Books Feng Shui for Us Feng Shui for Us Feng Shui for Us Feng Shui for Us Feng Shui for Us Ba-gua 9 Life Areas Map

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Principles of Traditional Chinese Thought

The Nine Principles of Traditional Chinese Philosophy are the basis for the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System, a method to learn, apply and practice Feng Shui that is very easy to understand.

On the video to the right Moni talks about these principles and how they influence Traditional Chinese Medicine, of which Feng Shui is one of five branches.

The other branches are: acupunture, herbalism, chi-kung and massage. This is a 37 min. video, so we suggest you watch it when you have plenty of time.

Read about these natural laws below:

The Natural Order of the Universe

Before anything existed, there was only TAO, an obscure and undefinible power. It is from this power that the Universe, the Great Tai-chi, was created.

As soon as the Universe was created it separated into TWO forces. These two forces, YIN and YANG, were opposite but complementary and irresistibly attracted to each other. Their constant push towards each other generated movement and from movement came Life.

Life expressed itself in three levels of Creation: Heaven [Thoughts], Earth [Action] and Humankind [Emotions] and thus the Force of Life (CHI) surges through the Universe touching both the intangible and the tangible as well as Humans, the links between the two.

The movement of life, from yin to yang and back generated RYHTHM, the pattern of nature, which in turn created the seasons, the moments of the day and the cycle of the moon and which is expressed everywhere in the natural world, including breathing and the heartbeat.

Feng Shui Seasons

The rhythm of nature differentiated itself into five essences or relationships known as the FIVE ELEMENTS.

From difference came the need for communication. The need for communication within the differences created language. SIX TRUE WORDS [Om, Ma, Ni, Pad, Me, Hum] were originated to bring harmony back into life.

Communication revealed the need for HEALING and seven vibrations higher than sound were delivered and established as energy sources.

As a result of healing, Creation started to organize around eight wonderful channels, combinations of the Yin and Yang organized with the three levels of reality. These eight arrangements gave birth to the Life Aspirations.

The Life Aspirations needed an order by which to move and a center around which to revolve. This was found in the magic square.

All these are good and necessary. And thus LIFE continues, in an imperfect balance sustained by all creation, in eternal movement and change, floating in the perfection [or love] of TAO.


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