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Form School Feng Shui

Form School is based on the "Celestial Animals" Land Formations

What other Feng Shui Schools are out there?

An Architect's View of Feng Shui?

How is Form School Applied?


What are the Celestial Animals?

In the country, a good Feng Shui site needs to be close to a source of fresh water, but a bit elevated from it and recessed from it in case of floods.

Feng Shui originated in China and China is located in the Northern Hemisphere, therefore the sun hits from the South, so facing the house towards the South ensured a warm and sunny entrance.

In China, the cold winds come from the North, so having a large hill or mountain in the back of the property, towards the North, was desirable.

The Black Turtle of the North represents the protections at the back of the property.

The Green Dragon of the East, represents a low range of hills offering side protection from the winds.
The White Tiger of the West represents a low embracing range of hills, offering side protection from the winds. It is slighlty lower than the dragon range of hills.
The Red Phoenix of the South represents low lands or very low hills on the other side of the water.
Feng Shui Celestial Animals An ideal Feng Shui site would be a site protected by the Four Celestial Animals.

The site should face water and the Red Phoenix of the South, be protected on the back by the Black Turtle of the North, and on the sides by the Green Dragon of the East and the White Tiger of the West.

In other words: Traditionally, an ideal Feng Shui site would have:

- the front of the property facing water and the Sun (South in the Northern Hemisphere, North in the Southern Hemisphere);
- a high hill or mountain towards the back (opposite the sun); hill ranges on the two sides of the property, and
low elevations or low lands on the other side of the water

Crouching Tiger

Hidden Dragon

In an urban area a good
Feng Shui site would have:

- a larger building behind the property

- same size or slightly larger
buildings on the sides

- a lower building
across the street

The basics of Form School Feng Shui explained in a way that children can easily understand.

Bad locations for a building in rural areas according to Form School Feng Shui.

Finding a good site in the city following the parameters of Form School Feng Shui.

Other Feng Shui Schools

The main schools of Feng Shui that have become acknowledged in the Western hemisphere are Traditional Form School, Black Hat Sect, Traditional Chinese Compass School, Japanese Nine Ki Compass School, Pyramid School, Intuitive School, and Western School.

All of these schools agree on the importance of an adequate circulation of the Life Force (Chi), the balancing out of the opposites (yin and yang), and the harmonizing of the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water). They do not agree on what areas in a building correspond to which areas of life (also known as the life aspirations). Even though they all use the Ba-gua (literally meaning ‘eight trigrams’) to map the area allocations, some use the Former Heaven Arrangement (or Sequence), while others use the Later Heaven Arrangement. Some argue that the directions are essential and determinant when using the Ba-gua, while others claim that an internalized compass of the heart works more effectively.

Feng Shui as Seen through the Eyes of an Architect:
What Distinguishes Feng Shui for Us and the Nine Steps to Feng Shui®?

Moni's system stems from Form School predominantly, plus the use of a modified Eight Mansions method, which used the compass of the heart first proposed by Master Lin Yun of Black Hat School instead of the magnetic compass directions, to determine the locations of the life areas.

Feng Shui is a system of Space Arrangement that allows us to align the forces of our live with the forces of nature, with the environment, the neighborhoods we live in, the buildings we call home, and in so doing, to resonate with the Universe in order to get a better yield from any investment of time, work and energy in the nine areas of life. We do this both in the physical, tangible world and in the non-tangible, more ethereal realm.

FENG SHUI AS A SPIRITUAL PATH.- Even though when I started out as a Feng Shui consultant I thought it was a harmonizing decoration technique, pretty soon I realized that it is actually a healing art. The incredible feedback I get from people who opened the doors of their homes and businesses to me for consultations is constantly confirming and reinforcing this belief. This approach to Feng Shui aims at getting the person involved to produce a shift in their energy immediately, therefore starting to turn the gears of the universal providing source at the exact moment that a Feng Shui cure is being applied. You would be surprised by the results, which are usually faster and/or greater than what you expected, though they may not always arrive from the direction you thought they would.

How is Form School Applied?

In addition to being at the basis of Feng Shui for Landscaping and Exteriors,
the Four Celestial Animals layout of Form School Feng Shui is applied to:

Entrance Design

Bedroom setups

Office furniture arrangement

Altar Design


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