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nine steps to feng shui Feng Shui Courses Feng Shui Books Feng Shui for Us Feng Shui for Us Feng Shui for Us Feng Shui for Us Feng Shui for Us Ba-gua 9 Life Areas Map

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A variety of exciting subjects are offered. You can choose themes from this list, or suggest your own:



- Feng Shui and Life Missions

- Feng Shui for Love

- Enhancing Health with Feng Shui

- Feng Shui for Wealth

- The Place of Gratitude

- Manifesting and Synchronicing with Feng Shui

- Healing the Home

- Increasing Productivity with Feng Shui

- Wisdom Matters

- Networking with Integrity

- Luxurious Dining

- Romantic Bedrooms

- Passionate Living

- Staying together in Marriage

- Creating Curb Appeal

- Grand Entrances

- Feng Shui in the Garden

- Attracting Money with Feng Shui

- Control Your Stuff, Claim Back your Life

- Making the Home a Great Place to Be

- The Feng Shui of Business

- Feng Shui and Retail

- Sacred Spaces in the Home

- There's Power in Placement

- What is CHI?

If you have a particular Feng Shui theme you would like me to address, please let me know.

Contact us for information on lecture fees and terms.

Discounts may be available for non-profit organizations.

Full Feng Shui Lectures by Moni

Wealth and Spirituality and the Use of the Feng Shui Wealth Poster (full lecture)


Feng Shui Home As a Healing Tool (Full Lecture)


Feng Shui and The Path to Forgiveness by Moni Castaneda (full lecture)


Feng Shui Gratitude Box (Full Lecture)

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Feng Shui Home and Business Consultations are currently available in the following areas:
Knoxville, TN and surrounding areas [Oak Ridge, Clinton, Farragut, Lenoir City]; Davenport, Bettendorf, Clinton, Dubuque,
Maquoketa, and Bellevue, IA; Rock Island, Moline, East Moline, Milan, Andalusia, and Chicago, IL.
For service in other areas please check out our Feng Shui Long Distance Consultations.
If you want to learn What is Feng Shui?, please take advantage of our free Feng Shui online course.

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