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Free Life Areas Test and Bagua Map

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Prints for the Nine (9) Life Areas in the Feng Shui Bagua (or ba gua) Map Page
Career, Life Mission and Individuality
Generally our jobs take up one third of our day, another third is spent sleeping (hopefully) and the remaining 8 hours are split between traveling to and from work or school, preparing and eating meals, entertainment, housekeeping and multiple other activities.

When we are unhappy with the work we do, the dissatisfaction can sink very deeply into our hearts and minds. Then again, an activity that may seem like torture to one person, will make another one feel like they are in heaven, and vice-versa.

Advancement in one’s profession isn’t always a reference of how well we are doing in this area of life if we don’t really enjoy our job. Fulfillment in our present employment has to do with whether we have found what our life mission is or not and whether we are utilizing our talents to their full potential or not.

This area refers to our individual life path. Are we heading in a particular direction or do we just move randomly about? Are we getting anywhere? What is the meaning of all this? If you struggle with these questions you need to pay closer attention to the area in your house corresponding to career.

Individuality has to do with self-affirmation –the ability to claim your place in the world, to be able to say “I am,” “I exist,” “I am a creation of God and through the Creator’s power I can make a difference in my life and the lives of my family, my community and humankind in general.”

The greatest barrier to expressing our true selves through our occupations is fear. In the back of our minds is the erroneous belief that once we find our Life Mission – we won’t like it. Reality is quite the opposite. If you talk to people who have found meaningful work in their lives, they will tell you that they “can’t wait” to get out of bed every morning and go to work.

The Universe has reserved the perfect occupation for each of us, a job that makes us happy, that gives us peace and is a pleasure to perform. To top it off, it is well paid.

This is an excerpt from Moni's Book "Feng Shui for Us: The Art of Space Arrangement" - Chapter 8: The Nine Life Aspirations.

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Below is a life areas

map, for your reference. Line up the bottom of the chart with the wall that contains the main entrance in your home.

Feng Shui for Us™: The Art of Space Arrangement, is Moni's main textbook of the Feng Shui for Us™ Certification Program.
Feng Shui Cures for the Life Areas is a book produced by Moni in conjunction with artist and healer Bill Austin This book contains two sets of images you can use as cures for each life area as well as a powerful set of affirmations for each life area.
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