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Free Life Areas Test and Bagua Map

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Welcome! This page is part of Moni Castaneda's Free Online Feng Shui for Us™ School - Life Areas - Lesson 2.2
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Prints for the Nine (9) Life Areas in the Feng Shui Bagua (or ba gua) Map Page

LOVE - Life Area #2" Marriage, Relationships and Partnerships
The ability to love and accept others as they are is basic when building strong relationships. In order to do this we need to learn to let our dear ones express themselves –be who they are– when they are around us.

Two qualities help us greatly when trying to achieve this:

1. Receptivity – the openness of mind and heart to perceive our spouse, partners, coworkers, etc. so that we can be aware of their needs, feelings and desires.

2. Self-Control – Whenever we live with or spend a lot of time with somebody else, we’re going to find things they do that bother us in some way. Leave judgement to the laws of God and nature and remember that there’s no such thing as “constructive” criticism –it is always destructive, and though sometimes you might get lucky and “destroy” an undesired behavior, more often you’ll just destroy self-esteem and produce cracks in the affection. So hold your tongue. Advise, make observations, but do not criticize.

In order to love someone, you first have to get to know them, but even after you’ve known them for a while, people –as everything else in the world– are constantly changing. You are too. So let your relationships grow as your souls do. Let what you learn about life nurture your relationships.

How well do you receive affection?

I have met many a person who would constantly flow love to others but would freeze when an attempt was made at reaching their hearts. Love is a two way street.

If you only give but don’t let yourself receive, a big part of your relationships will lack authenticity.

A business partnership is in many ways like a marriage. To begin with, there is a sharing of material goods, also activities have to be coordinated and agreements reached about decisions that involve both sides.

For a partnership to succeed there needs to be a strong feeling of trust between the parties.

A tip for all relationships: Never bring the past into a present argument, deal only with the matter at hand.

This is an excerpt from Moni's Book "Feng Shui for Us: The Art of Space Arrangement" - Chapter 8: The Nine Life Aspirations.

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Below is a life areas map, for your reference. Line up the bottom of the chart with the wall that contains the main entrance in your home.


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