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nine steps to feng shui Feng Shui Courses Feng Shui Books Feng Shui for Us Feng Shui for Us Feng Shui for Us Feng Shui for Us Feng Shui for Us Ba-gua 9 Life Areas Map

Free Life Areas Test and Bagua Map

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Prints for the Nine (9) Life Areas in the Feng Shui Bagua (or ba gua) Map Page

Life Area #6: Helpful People, Spiritual Life and Travel
We all need to have a sense that there is a Greater Power, an intrinsic order in Life that will take care of all those things we cannot control – the knowledge that in the end all things will fall in their right places. This is true even for people who describe themselves as not being religious. Hope and trust, essential elements of a healthy soul, stem from a deep down certainty that there is meaning and purpose in life even when we cannot make it out, and that we are part of a bigger system. It is then that we are able to benefit from Synchronicity or Serendipity –those startling coincidences– or just the ability to “be in the right place at the right time”.

Having God as a constant presence in all areas of our existence will make us feel more secure, more loving and joyful. However, we still need to make room in our lives for a personal relationship with our Creator. It is important that we place objects in our houses that remind us of His presence and love. Use symbols with which you feel comfortable according to your Faith. It is also helpful to place reminders of our goals and expectations, so that we can better direct our prayers.

The Greater Power, our caretaker, sends us gifts and help through other human beings: mentors, teachers, bosses, employees, coworkers, classmates, city officials, volunteers, etc. This area of the house and of life relates to all help received from spiritual and material sources.

Some are helpful people to us and we are the helpful people of others. Even though in our times the big cities can create an illusion of independence, in which each individual feeds from its great mechanism and can afford not to create mutually cooperative relationships with others, feelings of community and solidarity are still essential to human happiness.

One of the circumstances of life when we feel the need for other people’s help more strongly is when we travel. Deprived from our regular sources of comfort, friendship and even money, we depend on the good will of strangers. For instance cab drivers, waiters, or people on the street giving us directions.

This is an excerpt from Moni's Book "Feng Shui for Us: The Art of Space Arrangement" - Chapter 8: The Nine Life Aspirations.

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Below is a life areas map, for your reference. Line up the bottom of the chart with the wall that contains the main entrance in your home.



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