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Declutter Your Wallet


There is a series of hilarious TV commercials for a major credit card and its reward programs that depicts families going on vacation off-season. The commercials end with the question: What's in your wallet?

I present you with that question today. The late Spring is an ideal time to work on the Wealth, Prosperity and Self-Worth area of your life, and though Money [water element] is not really part of Wealth [wood element], it does have an important role in feeding it.

Declutter your wallet today. Let go of:

- Anything that is obviously trash [tickets for events you already attended, pieces of paper with phone numbers but no name, business cards of people you don't remember and whose services you do not intend on using, etc.]
- Receipts for items paid in cash that cannot be returned or that you do not plan to return and that do not need to keep for tax purposes
- Credit and bank cards for accounts that are already closed
- Insurance cards and any other cards that have expired
- Any store cards for accounts that are inactive
- Expired vehicle registration documents [file these]
- Library cards for cities you don't reside in any more
- Any cards of items pertaining to stores in cities where you no longer reside
- Anything that doesn't belong in a wallet.

Ladies, while you are at it, clean and organize your purse too.

Charge your wallet with:

CASH, CASH, CASH! Always carry cash, get yourself used to touching it and dealing with it and cleansing negative ideas you may have had in the past about money. Whenever possible pay cash, this is very powerful because the whole of the transaction happens in the present.


Choose a wallet that allows you to get bills in and out easily and that has a zippered pocket for coins [or have a separate coin pouch]. It should also have several slots or pockets for your ID's, bank and credit cards, etc.

I use a "traveler's" wallet, big enough for an airplane ticket and with a pocket for the passport.


If it's time to get a new one, accept it, get a new one!

Love, Gratitude and Blessings,

Monica P. Castaneda


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