Feng Shui for Weight Loss

The term "Space Arrangement" is often used instead of Feng Shui. When most people hear this term, they think about furniture arrangement. Most of us wouldn't think to include in our space arrangement temporary items such as the food in the refrigerator and pantries.

Controlling your space when it comes to the physical area that food objects occupy is essential to support any weight loss or fitness program you may have.

I recently became keenly aware of this when I had a visitor in my home for a period of several weeks. This visitor has an extra fast metabolism (due to a thyroid condition)... and a sweet tooth. So in came food items that ordinarily don't have a place in my home — cookies, chocolate and sodas to name a few.

You see, one of the ways I control my food intake is by not giving a place in my space to foods that are not good for me or other members of my family. I don't deny myself treats, I just get them outside of the home. By doing this I send a message out to the universe that I want health and vitality in my home, which is a reflection of my life.

However, my visitor brought in and created spaces to hold these treats and shortly after I found myself indulging a little too much a little too often. I gained some pounds... right before I was set to start filming the "Feng Shui for Children" videos I am going to put on YouTube (stay tuned for these at the end of the summer).

Maintaining a healthy weight and fitness have been challenges for me since I moved to the US so I got a bit discouraged by this sudden gain, but it would be too easy to point a finger at my visitor and say, "You made me gain weight!" because the truth is that no one but me is in charge of my space and it is always my responsibility to decide what comes in and what doesn't. I have a right to ask a visitor not to bring in sweets to my home, just as I have a right to ask them not to place a gigantic sculpture in my living room.

When this visitor returns, I will kindly ask her to keep her treats in her luggage, which is a space of her own and where I wouldn't dream to go hunting for cookies!

You are the ruler of your space too. If you are on a quest to become fitter this year and keep cookie jars or candy plates easily accessible in your home, you are telling the universe that you aren't really serious about it. If you purge your home from the foods that are your downfall, then you will tell the universe that this time you are really opening the doors for enhanced health and fitness in your home and in your life!

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