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October 2008
Feng Shui in Times of Crises

Financial unrest

Can Feng Shui help in times of crises?

My brother, who lives in Ecuador, South America, where I was born and raised, says that when the United States sneezes, the rest of the world is liable to catch pneumonia.

The US has sneezed. Six months ago, when the news first started talking about a recession in the US I didn't see many changes in our community except for the rise in gas prices and some increase in food prices. Now, I see some of my friends who were stay at home moms taking on part time jobs. I see men who are heads of household looking for a second or third job. I have noticed price increases at the grocery story that range from 20 to 45%. When the stock market dropped last week you could almost feel the collective fear in the air.

Knoxville, TN, the city we live in, has also been hit with another source for fear and anxiety: unexpected violence. This violence has hit rather close to home and has made me re-evaluate many of my ideas about life, love, and Feng Shui.

On July 27 a man opened fire against my church family, the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church. Two people were killed and another six were injured. One of the people who was murdered was someone my husband and I had grown to love over the past several months. Greg McKendry was our teacher in a Financial Peace University class, with his wife Barbara. This class, created by financial radio celebrity Dave Ramsey, made my husband and I look at our finances differently and address some lifestyle changes to make sure we were living "beneath our means" and planning adequately for the future. Had we not done this early in 2008, we might be struggling right now.

The Financial Peace University class struck two cords with me. One was going back to the idea of living without credit. In Ecuador credit is not as easily available as in the US, so people watch their money, they save for big expenses and tend to never spend more than what they make. The other one was the impeccability of the class design itself. How easy it was to understand, follow and apply. In the past few months I have been working and re-working my website and teaching materials to make The Nine Steps to Feng Shui even easier to understand and apply.

I have re-designed my website for clearer and easier navigation and a more peaceful appearance, to allow visitors to explore at ease all the Feng Shui wealth of knowledge that I have added to the site over the course of seven years.

I have expanded and improved the FREE Online Classroom. Which now includes features like "How to decide which door is the main door" and the basics of the "Power Position"
Check it out:

I have added many more new prints to the products section of the site. Whereas before I only had images for Career and Wealth, now you can purchase prints designed to enhance each of the Nine Life Areas.

If you haven't visited my website in the past few months, take a look:


Stay tuned the next few months for more exciting changes to the Feng Shui for Us website and the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System.


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So, can Feng Shui help in times of crises?

In times of crises it is even more important to have good Feng Shui. When there is disorder, disunity and disharmony in our outer environments, you need to make sure there is peace and harmony in those spaces where you actually have a say.

One way to counteract the fear you may be feeling about the future in times like these, is to work on the upkeep of your home.

Walk around your home with a notebook and pen or pencil. Take a note of all the small needs for maintenance or repair.

- Are there stains or cracks on the walls?

- Do the doors squeak?

- Does a door need cleaning?

Write down at least ten items. Keep that list for a few days, without taking action, then re-read your list and find the smallest tasks that you could perform on your own to improve your living or working environment and get started on those, to give the Universe the clear message that you do want to improve the conditions of your life by making positive changes in the spaces you inhabit.

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