Feng Shui for Us™ Tips
December 17, 2009

Your Home is Part of the Earth Too!

My almost seven year old son Awan, when he sees trash on yards and parks, says "Someone is not taking good care of the Earth." I try to impress on him, at home, that our house is also part of the Earth and that the floor in his room is as important as the trails he enjoys during a country hike. The fact is that with three train sets and 200 tiny cars (we counted them as part of a homeschooling project) sometimes their room and our family room feel like minefields of toys. Because he loves nature so much, when I phrase things in this way he starts seeing the importance of treating our home with the same love.

As Christmas approaches, the boys and I have had conversations about the physical limits of a home and the need to let go of old toys in order to make room for the new, and I make a point of decluttering and organizing any toy bins right before Christmas or their birthdays.

I teach Awan and his 4 year old brother Zaffar to follow these criteria when deciding which toys to keep and which to let go of:

- Let go of any toys that resemble people or animals that are missing body parts.

- Let go of any puzzles that are missing pieces.

- Let go of any toys that are missing pieces if they are inoperable as a consequence. (for example a shape sorter with no pieces to fit in the holes)

- Let go of any odd items, for example single doll shoes, or a hat that doesn't fit any doll.

- Let go of any toys you haven't played with for over a year, with the exception of a few loved toys that are worth keeping for the sake of memories.

Letting go can take the form of putting things in the trash, recycling them or donating them. It can also mean selling toys. However, if you decide to sell your children's old toys, keep in mind that any money that comes from the sale should go to their rightful owners, kids, either to spend themselves, put in a savings account, or for parents to purchase things their children need.

Think about your home being a part of the planet you love as you finish up your shopping for Christmas this year. Before you make a purchase ask yourself these questions:

- Do I love this? Or, Will the person I am planning to give this gift to love it?

- If you are purchasing items for yourself or your family members think about where they will end in your home. Where will they be displayed or put away?

- When you are done with this item, where will it go? Can it be donated for someone else to enjoy? Can it be recycled? Or will it end up in a landfill? Is it bio-degradable?

- If you are shoppping for a friend who is a Feng Shui enthusiast, consider gifting them a book or one of our new line of vibrational Feng Shui Cures (see right side bar). The gift of knowledge or the gift of greater harmony in the home or business, and increased hope are priceless!

Feng Shui for Children

For a long time I have wanted to put videos on YouTube that would teach people all over the world the most basic concepts of Feng Shui, but I never seemed to find the time or opportunity to record them without the kids' background noise. I finally realized that the only way to get this done would be to do it with them! I figured if I can explain Feng Shui in terms that children can understand, then I will make it easy enough for anybody to learn these concepts without a lot of effort! Play this video to meet the boys and learn how to define Feng Shui for yourself and others, as well as some of the benefits of Feng Shui:

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