No Water in the Wealth Corner

It is a common misconception in Feng Shui that water should be added to the wealth corner. It is true that water in Feng Shui represents money, but money is not considered part of the wealth area. The wealth area operates with the energy of growth of the wood element, not with the energy of descent of the water element.

Water soaks and goes down, so does money unless it is invested, abosrbed and taken up by the wood element, representative of the live tree. You want your wealth to grow like a healthy tree or even better, like a healthy forest.

So place water and water images near the entrance of the home to invite money in abundance. Check out his page to learn how to effectively use water images.

In the wealth area, however, place healthy tall plants with rounded soft leaves or images of healthy trees and forests, which are representative of wealth. Check out this page to learn how to identify the wealth area of your home or business.

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