How Feng Shui Can Help You Achieve Your Dreams

A Special Visitor in a Special Place

Imagine that a very powerful person has invited you to spend time in his mansion and has instructed his butler to cater to your every need and wish. In the beginning, the butler moved to action as soon as you voiced a desire or said you needed something. However, sometimes you asked for something one day and by the next day you had forgotten that you asked for it and acted surprised at getting it. Other times you asked for something while in the midst of a negative emotion and you didn't really mean what you said.

The fact is this butler has caught heat from the master because you have asked for things many times and when you got them it turned out that you didn't actually want them, or that you wanted them but they weren't actually good for you... so now the butler has put you on "mute." Rather than listening to your every word, he observes you very carefully to make sure you really want something before he brings it to you.

God's Butler

Think of the Universe as God's butler, constantly observing you to figure out what it is you really desire. The Universe doesn't listen to your every thought or to every request, because thoughts and desires succeed each other very fast in your mind, changing from one moment to the other. The Universe "listens" to your beliefs, and your beliefs are expressed in your actions and in your values.

Enter Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an extremely efficient and effective way of letting the Universe know what you really want in your life. Feng Shui assesses the condition of your life by looking at the effects you have produced in the condition of the spaces around you. When Feng Shui identifies that you are giving the Universe the wrong messages about what you want -- in other words that you are expressing self-sabotage -- Feng Shui can help you by making small changes in your environment that give the right messages to you and the Universe, usually working with items you already have.

Why Small Changes Work Better

Every person has within unconscious stops to the achievement of their goals. In some people these stops are small and easy to remove. In other people these stops seem to have deep roots. At some level, a part of their mind has decided that it is safer for them to keep a particular situation in place, even though it may be uncomfortable, because that part of the mind believes it to be necessary for survival. For example, I once worked with a woman who put unconscious stops to her business success, because somewhere in the back of her mind was the belief that her husband would leave her if she spent less time at home and more time with clients. When the unconscious mind weighs the struggle for attracting more business with the possibility of ending a marriage, the former is seen as less threatening than the latter.

When Feng Shui identifies indications of self sabotage in a person, a big change in their environment usually meets great resistance from the unconscious mind and more often than not backfires. However, small changes are not perceived as a threat to the mind's "status quo" and tend to work better.

When Your Own Stuff is not Enough

Feng Shui for Us™ Practitioners, who are trained in the Nine Steps to Feng Shui System® place more emphasis in letting go of things than in acquiring things. Whenever possible FSFUS practitioners use as cures and enhancements items that the client already has in his or her home or business. However, sometimes we suggest that the client purchase new things. One practical example of this would be to replace a welcome mat that is torn or faded. Other times, special cures are required, cures that were especially designed by me to deal with specific Feng Shui problems. Some of these cures are already available for purchase. I encourage you to take a look at my two CafePress stores. The first one has reproductions of my own artwork or photos I have digitally modified to fulfill Feng Shui purposes:

The other CafePress store holds products that I have designed and which feature healing artwork that was especially produced by vibrational healer Bill Austin for Feng Shui purposes. Bill creates his artwork with safeguards so that people get from it only the amount of healing they can get at any particular time with ease and grace (we don't like healing crises!). Check it out:

Spend some time in these stores and look at the images. Looking at the thumbnails of the healing images can give you a temporary boost and raise your chi energy (life force).

With the right tools, you can give the Universe true messages about what you really want in life and get closer to your goals faster and more smoothly.

You surroundings affect you one way or another. Allow Feng Shui to improve your life.


Love and Blessings,

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(865) 973-1475
7786 Emory Chase Lane
Knoxville, TN 37918

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