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Guilt, Water and Money


When I am in session with my healer, guilt keeps coming up as an issue. What Life Area is related to guilt? Is there anything I can do in my home to improve this situation?


I wasn't sure about this question myself so I checked with Dr. Susana Kronfeld, practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and consultant for my book, and she shared with me that according to ancient Chinese knowledge the feeling of guilt has a major component of fear [about 80%] and a minor component of anger [remaining 20%]. We will talk about the part that has to do with anger in a future issue, today we will concentrate on the major fear component.

Fear is related to the water element and only one of the Life Areas resonates with this element - Career, Life Mission and Individuality.

Water soaks and goes down, that is its nature. It is the daughter of metal, which carries it, and the mother of wood, which it nourishes.

In the human body the water element rules the bones, kidneys, bladder and the ears. Hair is also ruled by water - have you noticed how long hair evokes the energy of a waterfall?

When the water element is not flowing properly, the feeling of fear arises. Fear is temporarily relieved by shrieking [therefore, scary movies and theme parks can provide some catharsis for fear].

When the water element is flowing properly, its healthy manifestation is not courage, as you may have thought, but RESPONSIBILITY - the ability to respond in action to the requirements of life.

Acting responsibly is the best way to control the feeling of fear, and thus deal with the major component of guilt. If responsibility is not addressed, you could get healing sessions from now to eternity and not have great progress, though profound healing should make a person naturally start assuming more responsibilities.

There is a saying in Spanish that translates, "The person that owes nothing, fears nothing"


In Feng Shui, water is always related to money. They behave in the same way and both are essential for basic survival. In developing countries bartering, trading and community involvement may be more strongly related to survival than money. However, in the United States and other first world countries most product and service exchanges are done through the exchange of money, therefore, assuming responsibility for money is essential in these environments.

I often meet healers that though they are themselves very loving people, have not been able to establish a healthy, loving relationship with money. As a consequence, they live afraid of not being able to pay their bills.

Assuming responsibility for your money is a great way to start conquering your fears [80% of guilt], and the first step to take is making a monthly budget and keeping an accurate registry of your accounts.

The budget will show you the reality of what expenses you face month to month and the registry will help you prevent overspending and/or being overdrawn.

Do not worry if you find out that the list of your expenses ads up to more money that you are bringing in. Confronting this deficit is all that is required of you. Once the Universe detects a deficit/void, it rushes to fill it in, but the Universe will not detect it if you do not confront your financial reality.

Remember that what are called "expenses" are not drains to your money fund, they are fair payments for the wonderful blessings that keep coming to you and which you enjoy every day – water, electricity, a roof over your head, food, clothing, transportation, etc.

Today there are many computer and online resources to help you keep adequate records of your money. An alternative to keeping a registry is to operate only in cash.


Sure there is! One very effective way to start relating more healthily to money and balancing the water element in your system is to place a waterfall close to your front door [please click here for details on what kind of waterfall to use and where to place it].

Another thing you can do is add a tad of black to your environment. Black is the color of the water element, a little bit of black will help harmonize this element in your space, an excess of black will depress it, though, so be careful.


In our next issue we will explore more ways in which you can balance the energy of water [money] in your home, body and in your life, including how to set up a foyer for success and how to enhance the Career, Life Mission and Individuality Area [located in thecenter part of the wall that holds the main entrance].

Get ready for some deep revelations from ancient Chinese knowledge that will help you connect to the abundant blessings of water and through which you can learn to live a life free of fear, especially, the fear of losing money or of not making enough money.

Love, Gratitude and Blessings,

Monica P. Castaneda


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