Feng Shui
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November 2008
The Life Areas in Feng Shui

Thousands of years ago the old Feng Shui masters already figured out what people need to do in order to be happy, healthy, prosperous and free. They organized and classified these actions in groupings that in time came to be known as the life areas or life aspirations. Each of these life areas was given a sector of the home, based on symbology, the way our brains work, and even biology.

These are the life areas as expressed in a space:

The life areas are multilayered and multidimensional. At any given time, we all have areas where we are doing very well and other areas in which we can easily see we need improvement. We may also have areas in which we are naturally strong and others in which we may have a tendency to go weak.

In my particular case, I have had to put a lot of energy on life area #4, Wealth, Prosperity and Self Worth, because I was not treated as a wonderful, special being when I was a child. Due to continued physical and especially psychological abuse I gradually disconnected from my own sense of self worth, I forgot I was a child of God and learned to have low expectations for my life. I didn't believe I deserved much, so I learned to say no to the blessings of life. In time, this affected my physical health.

One day, when I was 23, a true friend directed me to an amazing homeopathic healer, Dr. Edgar Godoy, and that was the first step towards changing my life. The first night after I started my treatment I had a dream. In this dream I saw myself as a 14 year old girl, then as a 10 year old girl, and then as a 3 or 4 year old girl. As I encountered each of these three different "me's" I embraced them and made peace with them. That was the beginning of the healing of my inner child and other aspects of myself, which when released open up the way for my life force to produce the healing in my physical body. Eighteen years later, I am in turn helping others heal their inner children and other aspects of their lives through Feng Shui. See the side bar for a Feng Shui cure for the inner child.

The healing side of Feng Shui is especially dear to me and I find great satisfaction in helping people live the life they were meant to live, to be the people they were meant to be, as children of God.

My desire to reach more people with the profound healing that is possible through the use of Feng Shui tools is what motivated the development of the Feng Shui Healing Templates for the Life Areas in Feng Shui package, produced in cooperation with Florida based spiritual healer and artist Bill Austin, which includes:

A. A forty nine page manual that includes over ten healing images created by Bill Austin and nine sets of affirmations to assist you to heal each of the nine life areas within yourself.
B. An activations audio from Bill to transmit the energies from the images to your soul.
C. Nine audio recordings of affirmations for each of the nine life areas from Monica.
D. An affirmations audio from Bill
E. A Bonus Package on Tips to Declutter Your Home and a healing image for this as well.
F. An Audio Introduction to Feng Shui from Monica.

One of Bill's modalities is healing through paintings. Though this may sound surprising to you, the concept of healing through art is not new. Many people find a path to their own healing in the practice of art, and therapists often suggest that a person pursue a particular art form to help balance themselves. The healing power of art is however not limited to its practice, healing is also possible via the appreciation of art.

All of the traditional cultures have produced healing artwork in the form of images (for example the Hindu mandalas), poetry (the psalms, Rumi) or music (drumming, Gregorian chants, gospel music).

When working on his artwork Bill connects to the Creator and through his great faith, chooses colors and moves his hands and brushes over the canvass guided by spiritual insight. As he works he focuses on the healing energies and frequencies that a particular painting needs to contain in order to facilitate a particular kind of healing in the people who see it. Before Bill starts work on a piece of artwork, he sets the intention that there be love and only love and that the people who watch this piece are healed according to their own free will and integrate change with ease and grace. Above all, Bill gets his personality and ego out of the way, to let the energy of the Creator work through him.

So why is it so special for me to have teamed up with Bill Austin for this project? Because it enables me to share with you an essential part of Feng Shui that until now I was only able to share with clients when doing consultations on site or over the phone. Bill and I are using images and sound to bypass the blocks and resistances of your intellect and appeal directly to your soul. Will you dare to LIVE and not just get by every day? Do you remember when was the last time that you woke up in the morning and you couldn't wait to start doing your life's work? Will you give you and your partner the chance to have a successful relationship? Think about what your life would be like if you had tools that you could use at your own pace and on your own time to keep advancing in all of the nine areas of life, with the assistance of a Feng Shui master teacher and a Spiritual and vibrational healer, for a fraction of what it would cost to get a one-hour private consultation with either. Both Bill and I believe in helping clients in a way that makes them self sufficient and independent, and this manual is designed to just that. Click on the image below to learn more:


Thank you for the opportunity to serve you through Feng Shui.

Love, Gratitude and Blessings,

Monica P. Castaneda
(865) 973-1475


7786 Emory Chase Ln.
Knoxville, TN 37918

A Feng Shui cure for healing the inner child

If you were not treated as a wonderful and amazing being when you were a child, you may need some Feng Shui healing. If you are ready to heal your inner child and as a consequence improve your relationship with wealth, try this: find a picture of yourself when you were a child. Place this picture in a frame that you would have liked when you were that age. Then get two powerful or mythical figurines (angels, horses, lions, dragons, elephants, etc.) and place one on each side of the picture frame, as if they were this child's guardians.

Alternatively, you can carry a picture of yourself as a child in your wallet, the way you would carry your kids' photos.

Bill Austin on Self-Love:

"Self love is perhaps my core value. The universe reflects back to us what we radiate out and if we do not radiate out a high level of self love we almost certainly are not going to like the landscape of our inner and outer lives. I firmly believe that self love is the cornerstone to create a life that works. Anything that is not created on a solid basis of self love will fall in time.

Truly we can only love others to the extent that we love ourselves. And it is not easy to do this because often we attract people into our lives who challenge our attempts to honor ourselves and view our behavior as selfish."

Bill Austin talks about Feng Shui and this project in YouTube. Check it out:

Some of the affirmations in the manual and audio recordings:

Life Area #3:
I get along well with my family. I release all dysfunctional, negative, fear-based programs and patterns I received from my family of origin.

Life Area #4
All that I need and want has already been given to me at birth. I allow myself to receive my blessings.

Life Area #7:
I learn, gron and expand through love, inner peace and joy.

Life Area #2:
I give my relationship a fair chance by willingly and voluntarily relinquishing all previous attachments and the objects that symbolize them.

Life Area #1:
My money is a source of good for myself and others.

Life Area #4:
My subsistence is guaranteed by an abundance of material property, an abundance of connections and an abundance of skills.

Life Area #9:
I am aware of how my energy impacts others. I use my energy, words and deeds to empower and uplift others.

Life Area #8:
I always get the rest I need to feel alive, alert and filled to the brim and overflowing with energy the next day.