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November 26, 2009

I knew I had come a long way in my healing process when a few of days ago I found myself feeling extremely grateful after our dishwasher broke down.

The dishwasher was running, but no water was coming out. When our trusted fix-it guy opened it up to figure out what was going on he discovered that a whole third of the bottom gasket had broken down. He couldn't believe that the dishwasher hadn't been leaking furiously before it got clogged up.

I was grateful for the clogged hose that prevented our home from potentially being flooded, grateful that we are in a position to order another dishwasher right away (the old one wasn't worth repairing) and even grateful for the hot water in my kitchen sink that makes it easier to do dishes by hand. I am especially grateful for this when I hear news of water being rationed in Argentina due to the draught or when I read books to my children about the way other children live around the world, many of whom don't have tap water.

Much to Be Thankful for...

On the eve of Thanksgiving Day I would like to share with you some of the blessings that I have enjoyed in the past year, and the people that they have come from:

Bill Austin...

About six years ago I had a hunch to search for something on the internet and as a consequence I found Bill Austin's site and was immediately impressed by the clarity in his communication and the light, loving feeling I got. Over the years Bill and I have done work for each other and became friends in the process. In the past year Bill and I have been working closely together producing Feng Shui healing manuals, the first of which was published in October. Click here for more info on the Feng Shui Healing Manual: Feng Shui Cures for the Planet and Money Clearing Manual.

Carol Harris Fike...

In the summer of 2008 a terrible tragedy happened at a church I had been attending with my family, where a lone gunman opened fire on the congregation during a children's play. My family and I were delayed that morning and were spared the direct trauma, but we still were affected by this event. Carol Harris-Fike, a transformational coach living in Colorado, heard about this and contacted the church to offer free coaching sessions to members of our congregation. I took her up on this offer because I was feeling disoriented and anxious on the months after the shooting. Within fifteen minutes of our first session Carol had guided me with a "remembrance" exercise that allowed me to see extremely clearly not only how my life had become unbalanced since this event, but also what I could do to get back on track with my personal life and my business goals. One year later, Carol is still my life and business coach and continues to help me to stay focused and centered. Carol just published a book: 5 Life Energies: The Choice You Have in How Energy Shapes Your Life (I did the graphic and cover design for this book -- graphic and web design is a business I have in addition to my Feng Shui business). Carol's book is jam-packed with useful information that can truly increase the choices you have in the way you live your life. Check it out!


Even though I had felt an internal urge to study Reiki for years, I always found some excuse not to do it. About a year ago I finally decided to take the Reiki I and II classes with my dear friend BarbaraRose. I noticed immediately, after the first attunement, that I no longer got drained and exhausted after Feng Shui classes or consultations. Though I do not practice Reiki as a profession, Reiki allows me to serve more clients and students of Feng Shui. Click here to check out BarbaraRose's website.

Mary Jane Campbell...

I first met Mary Jane Campbell when she called me to do an assessment of a property where she was planning to build a garage apartment. Mary Jane then took my complete Nine Steps to Feng Shui class and over the course of the months we became very good friends. I was delighted to learn that Mary Jane was a certified BodyTalk System practitioner, a healing method I had tried before and which had given me excellent results. Now Mary Jane has taken her healing practice to a new level by helping her son develop a new healing method called Source Energetic Balancing. This healing modality aims at addressing the source of ailments and can even be practiced at a distance, as spiritual energy is many times faster than light and physical separation is of little importance. To find out more about Mary Jane and her new healing modality, you can call her at 865-256-3393.

Too Many to Mention...

I have been blessed by so many people this year that they can't all be mentioned in one newsletter, so I will continue to share with you more name and modalities that my family and I have benefited from in future e-mails.

And of Course my Family...

Every day I give thanks for my husband Marco, the best male role model I have ever been exposed to, and who through his love and kindness and excellent job as a father to our two kids helps me heal the wounds of a less than ideal childhood and trust life more. And I am grateful for our two boys, Awan and Zaffar and the opportunity to home-school them and be a loving witness of their development as wonderful spiritual beings.

What Are You Grateful for?

Many self help authors recommend keeping a gratitude journal, a notebook where you write down every day the things for which you are thankful. This is an excellent tool. Another tool, which takes Gratitude to a whole different level is the Gratitude Bowl, something you can do as a family to both celebrate and ask more out of life.

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Love and Blessings,

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Try the Blessings of a Gratitude Bowl
A Gratitude Bowl is a manifesting tool, a way to let the Universe know what it is you really want for your life. It is very effective. Click on this link to learn how to make your own.
How to Deal with Difficult Family Members during the Holidays
In a perfect world, every time we get together with family for a celebration this would be a wonderful, bonding event, but the truth is that even those family members we love most dearly can after a while have a way of pushing our emotional buttons.

Dr. Susana Kronfeld, practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and consultant for my books, shares this advice that can help you ease the discomfort of dealing with difficult family members: "Place a small round mirror over your heart chakra, with the reflective side pointing away from you. The mirror doesn't have to be visible, it can be worn under your clothes."

In addition to using a small mirror, my clients and students have tried round pendants of brushed metal and they work as well.

Another alternative is to wear a faceted cut crystal pendant of the aurora borealis or vitral type, with the the mirror coating facing away from your body.

It seems when people cannot connect with your heart chakra they don't get the same "kick" from less-than-love interactions. The mirror also reflects some of their negativity to them. The surprising thing though is that when this negativity goes back to them, most people react by softening their attitude.

Your heart chakra is located over your sternum, in the center of your chest, and it can be a little bit tender to the touch.

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