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December 30, 2009

Much to Be Thankful for (2)

As the year comes to an end I would like to continue to share with you more of that which I am grateful for in 2009:

Olivia Spears and Zumba

I blame Zumba instructor Olivia Spears for making me like exercise this year. For the first time in my life I am really enthusiastic about exercising, and I get distressed if I have to miss a workout. Zumba is latin dancing done as exercise. It is super fun and very helpful with coordination, and since you are concentrating on following the choreographies and enjoying the upbeat music, you forget you are working out! See if it is available in your town and give it a try!

Meredith Harrison and the Berkal Technique

My friend Meredith is the only practitioner in the United States of this fantastic technique for clearing of negative emotions and belief systems that arise from your past and that affect your current life. Of all the systems I have experienced, this is the fastest and most efficient method to release negative emotions and beliefs from the past. After 12 one-hour sessions with Meredith in the past year I find that it has gradually become easier to feel happy in ordinary life. Check out Meredith's website: http://www.lifeenhancingartsandpractices.com/ The Berkal Technique can be practiced over the phone!

Dr. Xavier Godoy and Homeopathy

I started my healing path when I was 23 years old in Ecuador with Dr. Edgar Godoy. When I was 28 I moved to the US to join my husband Marco,but we continued with our follow ups long distance. Now we consult long distance with Dr. Edgar Godoy's son, Xavier, who is an MD and homeopathic doctor, like his father, and who feels comfortable with e-mail and technology. Our whole family benefits from a type of medicine that addresses the emotional and mental origins of symptoms instead of trying to suppress symptoms. This year we have had wonderful experiences with our children getting over eczema and fears. If you ever have the opportunity to visit Quito, Ecuador, my homeland, make it a point to get a consultation with either Dr. Edgar Godoy or Dr. Xavier Godoy. http://www.drsgodoy.com/ or look for a practitioner of classic homeopathy in your hometown.

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