Feng Shui
for Us
July 2009
In Feng Shui Water = Money

Whenever there are water issues in the home, the first thing a Feng Shui practitioner looks at is money. Money is part of the Career, Life Mission and Individuality life area, which is ruled by the water element.

Let me tell you a personal story to illustrate this point:

When my husband Marco and I first moved to Tennessee he was employed by a nationwide corporation that hired him to manage a Chiropractic clinic in Knoxville.

The corporation had very high expectations of how many patients should be seen in the clinic per week, so when after a few months in this position my husband reported there had been a drop in the patient numbers I promptly printed out and framed a waterfall image from my Feng Shui stash and placed it right next to the main entrance of the clinic. Within a few days the clinic was literally "flooded" with new patients. So much so, that the staff was unable to keep up with paperwork.

For my part, I had been struggling with adapting to a new place after already having been uprooted two times prior and having to start over with my local Feng Shui business -- in a place most people had not heard of this art. I knew deep down that this was not the moment to concentrate on the business but to help my family make the transition to this new state, to plant seeds and nurture connections. But when I saw the amazing results at Marco's workplace I unpacked the waterfall that had served me so well at our home in Iowa and tried to place it by the door of my main entrance. However, the frame was too big. It didn't fit. But I was impatient, so I took it out of the frame and pasted it on the wall with masking tape on the back. I have to admit it did look like the water was falling right on my floor and I did have misgivings about this, but I ignored this feeling.

Three days later when we were coming home one afternoon we could not open the front door. It had rained heavily and water had filtered under the threshold of our main door and warped the wooden floors. Of course I took the waterfall out right away and did not put it back until I found a proper frame.

It took us six months to figure out where the water was coming in and we changed the wooden floors to ceramic tiles.

By this time we had settled in the new place, we had made friends with other families and I had met a wonderful connector in the healing world of Knoxville: Barbara Rose, an amazing healer and Reiki master. This encounter quickly led to local classes and workshops and many other connections that have enriched our lives in this city.

More Issues With Water

Recently I was reminded of our previous travails with water in this home when our washer got clogged and flooded the laundry room and the room right next to it -- the children's room.

My first reaction was to try to read what message the Universe was trying to give us about money. Floods inside the home are related to wasted money, but this didn't apply to us at the moment. Next I looked at what life area is represented in the sector of the home that was affected, in our case life area #7: Children, Creativity and Fun. My husband and I have been so focused in work and family duties --we have two small boys-- that in the last year we have not devoted enough time and energy to nourish ourselves with activities that give us pure enjoyment and during which we could only receive and not give.

Because we both are in serving healing professions, even though we love what we do, we need to take special care to "fill up the well" emotionally and spiritually, so that we do not drain our own energies.

This recent flood happened at a time when we had just completed one of our financial goals, and to me it signifies that we are at a moment of change, and that now we need to focus a little more in the enjoyment of life.

According to Feng Shui, enjoyment of life and spiritual fulfillment are considered the "parents" of the career area. When we take care of the former, the latter flows naturally. When joy is lacking, it becomes very hard to advance at work or in finances.

Take a look at your own schedule. Is there anything you do these days, just for fun? Are there any activities in your life where you are at the receiving end, instead of giving? How do you nourish your soul?

If you find that joy is missing in your life, increase the representation of the metal element in your home and in your life, which is expressed with the color white and pastel tones as well as metallic colors, spicy hot flavors and nostalgic music.

Very simple changes in your home and lifestyle can be conducive to deep transformations at the soul level. If you give Feng Shui a chance, the least that can happen is that your home will be more beautiful and harmonious, and the most that could happen... well, the sky's the limit!

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you through Feng Shui.

Love, Gratitude and Blessings,

Monica P. Castaneda
(865) 973-1475


7786 Emory Chase Ln.
Knoxville, TN 37918

This is the waterfall that I placed at my husband's workplace.

This is the waterfall I originally placed in our home.

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