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A Meditation for Water

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A Meditation for Water

Most people seem to resonate with the idea that every person has a life mission. It somehow rings true. However, some think this is nothing but a lovely idea or an interesting concept. In Western metaphysical schools this is regarded as a belief worth having - an act of faith.

The Ancient Chinese Masters did not doubt that every person does have a life mission. Their certainty came from the fact that they had repeatedly observed that when a person was not following their internal calling certain anomalies were presented in the body, as well as certain emotional disturbances. The practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine [TCM] also noticed that there were certain therapies that when applied to the patient to correct the physical problems also handled the emotional conditions and enabled the patient to reconnect with his or her primordial task in life.

Dr. Susana Kronfeld, practitioner of TCM, tells me that in fact there are particular parts of the body that an accupuncturist can work on to help a person reconnect with the source of Universal truth and find out what their life mission is. Though she will not disclose what those body parts are, she did admit that they have to do with the water element. This is consistent with the Feng Shui teaching that the Career, Life Mission and Individuality area is ruled by the water element.

Career is the usual avenue through which people receive money. The words "money" and "water" are interchangeable in Feng Shui, so when the water element is unbalanced, the ability to bring money is also affected.

When I teach the class "The Life Areas Room by Room" I ask participants how they would spend their days if aided by a Genie with no limit for the number of wishes they could ask. Students' first responses usually show a confusion between their desires for a life path with their desires for a vacation and they often reply that they would like to spend their days playing golf, or sailing, or reading by a lake, but when asked if they are sure they would like to do this on a regular basis, in a way, have this become their daily routine, then the answers become more profound and more in tune with their true calling.

How can you know what your life mission is?

One of the most effective ways to reconnect to your life mission is to balance the water element both in your body and in your life. As you may remember from a previous issue, the water element rules the kidneys and the bladder, the bones, the ears and the hair on your scalp. Most of the water in the world is salt water, so "salty" is the flavor of the water element. At any given moment, most of the water in the world is not kissed by sunlight, but resides in total darkness and coolness. Therefore black [the absence of color] is the "color" of the water element. The water element is helped by small quantities of black and by small amounts of salt [for example, when you first get up in the morning, place one grain of salt on your tongue and let it dissolve 10 minutes before you have breakfast].

Placing a waterfall image in your foyer is a powerful tool too.


Meditation to reconnect with your life mission

As we saw in the previous issue, the feeling that arises when the water element is not balanced and harmonized is fear. The healthy manifestation of the water element is RESPONSIBILITY [not courage].

For this meditation you will need a visual aid: the Chinese character for water. You can check out the image on this web page:


On the back of this print there is a powerful prayer for reconnecting with the Career, Life Mission and Individuality Area, you can also find this prayer in the Feng Shui Journey for the Career area.


If outdoors, try to face the North. If indoors, try to face your front door. It is better if you can do this meditation at night. Place the Chinese character for water in front of you, sit on your sitbones [do with your legs whatever feels more comfortable to you], lift your ribcage and slightly nod your head. While looking at the water symbol, imagine that the word "responsiblity" written in black letters is slowly and smoothly climbing up your spine, like a winding stream going down a creek [only in this case is going up] as you breathe in, "feel" the coolness of the water going up your vertebrae. Then, as you breathe out imagine the word "responsibility" coming out of your crown and disintegrating like sprinkling water and bathing your body like a fountain. Imagine that when this water reaches your feet it is reabsorbed by an imaginary tube of light between your legs and then re-enters your spine through your tailbone, make a pause as you let your lungs empty out... then repeat the process. Imagine that this water becomes more and more ethereal, almost like light every time around, and that instead of being cool like in the beginning, it surrounds you with a slightly warm [but not hot] glow.

Before you start this meditation, be sure to clear the clutter in your foyer, especially any clutter located behind the door when it opens. The door should open smoothly and completely with no obstructions. If you can, also clear the clutter in any other circulation areas in your home.


In upcoming issues:

Is the energy of water [money] flowing into your home or away from it?
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Get ready for some deep revelations from ancient Chinese knowledge that will help you connect to the abundant blessings of water and through which you can learn to live a life free of fear, especially, the fear of losing money or of not making enough money.


Upcoming Classes

Landscaping and Enhancing Exteriors with Feng Shui     
Instructor: V. Sommer. LOCATION: Black Hawk Community College in IL
Make your home exclaim “Welcome!” every time you approach your entrance. The emphasis of this class is on optimizing the site and structures that you have through the application of Feng Shui principles.  Learn how to create exterior spaces that nurture and vitalize you. Learn how to obtain maximum yield in exchange for your efforts, with minimum expense. Feng Shui can aid in attracting good energy to the site and develop a space that feels protected and safe.
5 Wednesdays
6:30 – 8:30 p.m.
      CRN 81972

Sept. 13 – Oct. 11
Bldg. 3 - Rm. 312
*Tuition Fee $58

Creating a Harmonious Home with Feng Shui    
Instructor: V. Sommer, LOCATION: Black Hawk Community College in IL
Applying the principles of Feng Shui, the ancient art of space arrangement, can create a supportive and nurturing environment in your home or apartment.  You will learn how to assess living space and apply the Nine Steps to Feng Shui™ principles. 
1. Completing the floor plan
2. Balancing extremes
3. Checking the circulation of life energy
4. Tuning in to the timings of nature
5. Coordinating colors, shapes and materials
6. Using the right symbols for your culture and belief system
7. Fixing, maintenance and healing,
8. Assigning and enhancing life aspirations
9. Power positions and furniture arrangement   

5 Wednesdays
6:30 – 8:30 p.m.
      CRN 81973

Oct. 18 – Nov. 15
Outreach - Rm. 406
*Tuition Fee $58


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