Feng Shui
for Us
July 2009
In Feng Shui Water = Money

When my husband Marco and I first moved to Tennessee he was employed by a large nationwide corporation that hired him to manage a Chiropractic clinic in Knoxville.

The corporation had very high expectations of how many patients should be seen in the clinic per week, so when after a few months in this position my husband reported there had been a drop in the client numbers I promptly printed out and framed a waterfall image from my Feng Shui stash and placed it right next to the main entrance of the clinic. Within a few days the clinic was literally "flooded" with new patients. So much so, that the staff was unable to keep up with paperwork.

For my part, I was struggling with adapting to a new place after already having been uprooted two times prior and having to start over with my local Feng Shui business -- in a place most people had not heard of this art. I knew deep down that this was not the moment to concentrate aggressively on the business but to help my family make the transition to this new state, to plant seeds and nurture connections. But when I saw the amazing results at Marco's workplace I unpacked the waterfall that had served me so well at our home in Iowa and tried to place it by the door of my main entrance. However, the frame was too big. It didn't fit. But I was impatient, so I took it out of the frame and pasted it on the wall. I have to admit it did look like the water was falling right on my floor and I did have misgivings about this, but I ignored this feeling.

Three days later when we were coming home one afternoon we could not open the front door. It had rained heavily and water had filtered under the threshold of our main door and warped the wooden floors. Of course I took the waterfall out right away and did not put it back until I found a proper frame.

It took us six months to figure out where the water was coming in and we changed the wooden floors to ceramic tiles.

By this time we had settled in the new place, we had made friends with other families and I had met a wonderful connector in the healing world of Knoxville: Barbara Rose, an amazing healer and Reiki master. This encounter quickly led to local classes and workshops and many other connections that have enriched our lives in this city.

More Issues With Water

Recently I was reminded of our previous travails with water in this home when our washer got clogged and flooded the laundry room and the room right next to it.

My first reaction was to try to read what message the Universe was trying to give us about money. Floods are related to wasted money, but this didn't apply to us at the moment. Next I looked at what life area is represented in the sector of the home that was affected, in our case life area #7: Children, Creativity and Entertainment. My husband and I have been so focused in work and family duties --we have two small boys-- that in the last year we have not devoted enough time and energy to nourising ourselves with activities that give us pure enjoyment and during which we could only receive and not give.

Because we both are in serving healing professions, even though we love what we do, we need to take special care in "filling up the well" so that we do not drain our own energies.

This recent flood happened at a time when we had just fulfilled one of our financial goals, and to me it signifies that we are at a moment of change, when we can focus a little more in the enjoyment of life.

Changes in the World Economy

The panorama of the world's economy has changed and it is absurd for individuals or companies to try to handle their finances this year... the same way they did last year. It simply won't work. People's priorities have changed and most of us don't respond to the same marketing messages and do not perceive in ourselves the same needs. We all have do adapt. Flexibility is a requirement of health AND wealth.

Successful businesses and professionals need to adjust to the new financial landscape. This adaptation may include lowering prices or offering more products or services for the same prices of last year, offering more freebies and more excitement around their services or products.

For example, last summer, when I started working with Transformational Coach Carol we discussed increasing my consultation fees to reflect the increased overhead that comes with moving to a larger city and the longer driving distances I had to travel compared to my previous place of residence, where you could get anywhere in town within 25 minutes. I did research and soul searching and arrived at a list of new rates. However, when the financial crisis hit in the fall, we could see this was not the right timing to do this so I decided to go back to my previous rates AND add an energy medicine clearing service to my consultations to help clients move faster, and with ease and grace, through the energetic changes that come with the physical changes made in a home or business place. Now that many people might be able to afford only one consultation per year, I needed to find a way to get them set on the right track in one session.

Fun Changes for Feng Shui for Us™ this Fall

Fun changes are coming to Feng Shui for Us™ in the fall:

New Feng Shui Journeys on the FSFUS-Professionals Yahoo Group.
Right now I am testing a Feng Shui for Weight Loss Journey. I had originally planned to launch this journey in late June, but the results from the first test group were so dramatic and important that I have had to modify and turn what was going to be a 6 week journey into an 18 week journey and am conducting a second test. All the participants in the first test group had very encouraging results, but they also -- all of them -- went into healing crises. The modified version is going to be set up at a pace that allows people to integrate the deep changes in the way they perceive themselves, their body and the world, with ease and grace. Healing aids and recommendations will also be provided along the way, for those who feel they need to do more profound healings regarding these issues. Every single person that participated in the test group found themselves at a lower set point by the end. (the set point is that weight that a person's body always tends to go back to after a diet or excercise program).

This journey will be presented to the FSFUS-Professionals yahoo group during the Indian summer, or transition between Summer to Fall, which is the best time of the year to address weight. To join this group please click here.

AdvisorMonica on Twitter.
I have never been much of a schedule and routines person, so I have decided to change the format of what used to be called the Feng Shui Tips of the Week to the Twitter format, to better suit my nature so I can write tips and advice right as I get the inspiration or the insight while being able to reach more people who can benefit from Feng Shui Tips on their own time. I will also be sharing tips on other areas of my work, and launching an associated website in the fall.

New Feng Shui and Healing Manuals.
Some of the book titles you will see released in the next few months include:

Feng Shui Your Own Home: Inside

Feng Shui Your Own Home: Outside

Feng Shui Cures for the Planet (collaboration with Bill Austin)

Feng Shui, Astrology and Healing (collaboration with Bill Austin)

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you through Feng Shui.

Love, Gratitude and Blessings,

Monica P. Castaneda
(865) 973-1475


7786 Emory Chase Ln.
Knoxville, TN 37918

This is the waterfall that I placed at my husband's workplace.

This is the waterfall I originally placed in our home.

Visit my waterfalls page to see the right way to place a waterfall in a home or business. If you make mistake you might send the money away! Click here.