2010 is the Year of the Tiger

The Chinese Year of the Tiger starts on February 14 of 2010.

As one of the most beautiful creatures in the planet, tigers have been both revered and feared. In the East, tigers are symbols of courage, passion, power and royalty.

What is the Tiger Like?

The tiger is the archetype of the "hero" personality: powerful, courageous and active, with potential drawbacks stemming from a tendency to recklessness -- a propensity to action without forethought. Tigers are very much interested in rank and have a high sense of their own nobility. They are competitive and independent, and though rebellious themselves they like to enforce rules on others. They are loving, charming magnetic and inviting -- making it quite easy to forget that they are also fearless predators.

The Coming Year of the Tiger

This year the Tiger has a yang metal characteristic and for this reason this year is also called the Year of the Golden Tiger.

The internal element of the Tiger is Wood. Metal cuts wood, so this is a year when the tiger needs to be on full alert. The relationship between the internal element of the animal and the element assigned to the year gives you an idea of some of the expected characteristics of the year that is coming: high alert, fast pace and competition. Quick decision making and action are very important this year, while procrastinating can lead to fast loss of opportunities.

What Will the Year of the Golden Tiger
Be Like For You?

Many people, at the beginning of a new Chinese year, turn to Astrological predictions. The problem with this is that it is so easy for anything they are told to become a "self-realized prophecy."

I used to do this too. Every year I would look for predictions in search for answers to the question: What will this year be like for me?

Now I have a different approach. Instead of looking for someone else to tell me what lies in my future, I focus my energy on intending my future.

Be Cause Rather than Effect

When you give your power away to Astrology or fortune tellers you put yourself in a position of effect. "What will happen to me?"

When you learn to play with Astrology with a joyful heart, and intend your future, you put yourself in a position of Cause -- you empower yourself to manifest your true divine nature as a Child of God. "This is what I intend for myself."

Allow yourself to be the co-creator of your wonderful future.

The Best Year Yet

I have lost count of how many people I have heard say things like: "I am so glad 2009 is gone, it was not a good year for me." Or, "The Year of the Ox was not kind to me, I hope the Tiger treats me better."

After many years of study, research and healing, I have come to realize that the ancient Feng Shui teaching that "happiness comes from within" is actually true. Furthermore, when you are able to have inner peace and joy in your heart you magnetize wonderful life events to you. The happier you are, the luckier you get.

The Year of the Golden Tiger Image that Bill and I created can help anybody connect to the energies of the year and work with those energies to intend for themselves The Best Year Yet!

A Tiger for Your Home

It is a tradition in the East to give the animal of the year a prominent place in the home or business. This is a very powerful Feng Shui Cure, which symbolizes being in tune with the rhythms of nature and the subtle universal winds. By doing this you can express that you are willing and able to accept blessings and opportunities that come your way this year.

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Happy Year of the Golden Tiger!

The Tiger Images in these products are the copyright of Feng Shui Advisor Monica P. Castaneda and Vibrational Healer Bill Austin. Monica drew the sign silhouette and Bill painted the image that goes inside the silhouette. The images has been encoded with healing frequencies for the sign and the year. This combination of ancient Feng Shui knowledge and modern Vibrational Healing makes these items unique and extra effective as Feng Shui cures.

Love and Blessings,

Monica P. Castaneda
7786 Emory Chase Lane
Knoxville, TN 37918

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