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nine steps to feng shui Feng Shui Courses Feng Shui Books Feng Shui for Us Feng Shui for Us Feng Shui for Us Feng Shui for Us Feng Shui for Us Ba-gua 9 Life Areas Map

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Space Arrangement

What it is: Space Arrangement is a method by which you can improve
the look and feel of your home and boost your
own energy
—the “common sense” of Feng Shui.

You get: a series of sequences, sets of actions or simple steps to take in the unfolding of your Dream Home right were you live right now. Bring pictures of your home for comments and pointers. Take home useful knowledge in easy to understand handouts. SMALL changes can produce GREAT results!

Aspects of Space Arrangement:

1. Curb Appeal, Grand Entrances, Amazing Hallways, Safe Steps
2. Romantic Master Bedrooms and Balconies
3. Luxurious Dining, Outdoor Meals
4. Prosperous Kitchens and Pantries
5. Altars and Other Sacred Spaces
6. Children’s Bedrooms and Playrooms
7. Offices, Studies, Libraries
8. Living and Family Rooms
9. Porches and Outdoor Spaces You Can Use
10. Bathrooms

Space Arrangement Classes are only offered as private lessons or in instensive workshops. Please call (865) 973-1475 for more information, or if you would like us to present a workshop or lecture at your center.

Grand Entrances

Curb Appeal, Great Foyers, Amazing Hallways, and Safe Steps
Attract good will towards you home, starting with your mailbox to your front door and the area surrounding your house. Welcome others and, more importantly, welcome yourself—your home should welcome you when you arrive. Create good transition areas between the inside and the outside so you will be not only safe but happy to be home. Turn hallways into interesting galleries instead of places to rush through. Make passageways magical and staircases safe.

Romantic Master Bedrooms

Importance of the Perfect Master Bedroom
Know the two main functions of the master bedroom. Learn the basic Feng Shui room arrangements and kinds of furniture that make a relationship successful and those to avoid. Find out the importance of having a headboard and learn what are the best kinds. Know how to keep a peaceful ambiance. Identify and avoid separation symbols and thereby reduce arguments. Get Feng Shui advice on how to communicate better with your mate or to attract a partner if you are single, PLUS learn how to handle 9 argument breeders and how to avoid 9 causes for separation in the home.

Luxurious Dining

Indoor and Outdoor Meals.
Create the dining areas of your dreams! Get tips on the best tables, chairs, and family seating for family harmony. The popular bars and stools are not good ideas for family dining. Find out why. Learn what to display in the dining area, the most appropriate objects, images, and artwork. Because this is a community area, photos of family, nuclear and extended, are important. See how you can arrange family pictures, and learn how to make a “Collage of Friends.”

Prosperous Kitchens and Pantries

Wealth and Abundance
In Feng Shui, wealth is expressed in the kitchen. Abundance in the kitchen is closely connected to how people relate to the Wealth, Prosperity and Self Worth life area. What you do or not do in your kitchen ensures a constant growth of resources. Create a pantry that will help you connect with Universal abundance. Very Simple Feng Shui tips will help you create a kitchen that will support your goals for both intangible and material abundance.

Altars and other Sacred Spaces

A Sense of the Sacred in Your Home
Learn the most appropriate places in your home to create a space which honors your connection to the divine. Discover what symbols are important to you and your family and how best to display them. Use this space to elevate your prayers.

Chidren's Bedrooms and Playrooms

Children, Play, Creativity, Art, and Mirrors
Honor the small things in life. Remember, safety first! Create discreet closets and peaceful floors. Make space for play and creativity. Learn why the most popular children’s bedroom sets can be some of the worst choices. What do children really like (when their tastes are not guided by TV commercials or adult input), what makes them happy, and helps them thrive?

Offices, Studies, Libraries

Work from Home and Family Economics
Whether you have a home business or you are running a household, both involve finances and paperwork that require storage for organizing, filing, and archiving. Do you have even the minimum requirements for your family? A business at home requires even more. Find out the best layouts for the home office, efficient ergonomics, and what to do with all the wires. Get tips on displaying books, storing periodicals and books, and deciding which books to keep and which books to dispose of. Learn to create a quiet, comfortable space for reading—solitude is not loneliness.

Living Rooms, Family Rooms and Great Rooms

Communications and Social Life.
Living rooms, family rooms and great rooms should be arranged to promote communication and social life. Learn how to arrange seating to promote social life, the mother of relationships. Is the TV the focus of your life? Find out what types of lighting, colors, and artwork will enhance your living areas. Get tips for organizing and decluttering media.

Porches and Outdoor Spaces you can Use

Driveways and Sheds, Porches, Dens and other Outdoor Rooms

Find great reasons to be outside. Learn how to create outdoor spaces that connect with nature, with the heavens, with animals, with people. Pay attention to driveways, sheds, patios, porches, dens, and other outdoor rooms. Define enjoyable backyards and outdoor spaces. Create outdoor galleries.


A Feng Shui Challenge. In Feng Shui bathrooms are considered areas of YIN (negative) energies, and if not handled properly can become black holes that drain your home of vital energy. Separate the functions of elimination from the processes of cleansing and grooming. Learn what to do to minimize the negative effects of bathrooms—why keeping the toilet lid down and the bathroom door closed will prevent loss of positive energy and resources.

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Feng Shui Home and Business Consultations are currently available in the following areas:
Knoxville, TN and surrounding areas [Oak Ridge, Clinton, Farragut, Lenoir City]; Davenport, Bettendorf, Clinton, Dubuque,
Maquoketa, and Bellevue, IA; Rock Island, Moline, East Moline, Milan, Andalusia, and Chicago, IL.
For service in other areas please check out our Feng Shui Long Distance Consultations.
If you want to learn What is Feng Shui?, please take advantage of our free Feng Shui online course.

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