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Wealth Poster

The Wealth Poster is a tool to help us determine and visualize our goals for material goods. Acquiring material posessions should by no means become the main goal of a person's life, but we are spiritual beings inhabiting material bodies, and we have a need for material things. It is OK to desire for material wealth. The desire for material wealth is not incompatible with spiritual development. I encourage you to watch the video below, especially if you perceive that you tend to block or self-sabotage the acquisition of wealth in your life.

The Wealth Poster works independently of whether your income for the year increases or not. It is simply a tool to call material possessions into your life.

Example of a Wealth Poster:



The Wealth Poster allows us to define specifically what it is that we would like to ask of Life when it comes to material goods.

In creating a Wealth Poster, we do not ask for money, but rather for definite items. These objects may come to us through an unexpected amount of money, great deals or sales at stores, or even gifts.

When I teach and do consultations, most of the time the Wealth area comes up as one of the first three priorities, and often as the first priority, but most people feel they have to justify their desire for more wealth, saying that they just want security or to be able to "help others."

Instinctively, when we ask for money so that we might try to get something -- like security or a sense of self importance -- that should come from within, we tend to find ways to not get it. The same thing happens when we ask for money in order to fulfill a need that cannot be fulfilled with money, like the need for loving company or friendship and a sense of community.

We are light beings in material bodies, with needs and desires for material goods. With the understanding that money and wealth do not buy happiness, health or love, we can feel free to ask for material goods for the sake of having and enjoying material goods. The Universe is designed on a principle of over abundance. Others do not have to go without so that me may have plenty --more than just enough.


All items for which you have pictures on the wealth poster, when the time comes, have to be purchased by check, check card or CASH (not credit). Pay cash whenever you can. This includes cars. The use of credit to purchase any item on the wealth poster will be equivalent to removing that item, as the Universe, in seeing that we already have acquired the object, will stop working to get it for us.
The poster must contain very small and very big objects, as well as objects that are very inexpensive and others that are very expensive.
If a gift is offered to you by an honest person, in good faith, ACCEPT IT, big or small.
Make sure to you ask primarily for items that you will need or love to have in the next calendar year, but also add items you would like to get in the next 5 to 10 years.. The Wealth Poster will work better if all items on it are consistent with your belief system and personal values.

The Wealth Poster can be as little as 11x17" or as big as 24 x 36". It can be made of cardboard, foamboard, cork. It can also be made out of a bulletin board or a memory board. You can glue the images of the items or you can tape them or fix them with temporary solutions.

Determine the size and material for your Wealth Poster. You can start making lists of four items that you might want to include on your poster. FOR EXAMPLE:
- Four items under ten dollars that you might purchase for the outside of your home
- Four items under twenty dollars that you might purchase for the inside of your home
- Four items under thirty dollars that you might purchase for family members that live with you
- Four items under fifty dollars that you might buy for yourself
- Four devices under 100 dollars that you might buy for your home
- Four new items of clothing you would like to have
- Four items under three hundred dollars that you might purchase for your home office
- Four high tech personal items or four pieces of artwork under five hundred dollars
- Four items under one thousand dollars you might purchase for the family [this can inlcude trip tours]
- Four items under five thousand dollars that would make your life more comfortable or that you could get for the practice of a hobby or passion
- Four items under twenty thousand dollars that you dream of purchasing
- Any other items that you need or would love to have


Remember that in creating a Wealth Poster, we do not ask for money, but rather for definite items.

Your assignment for last week was to determine the size and material for the wealth poster. If you haven't acquired it yet, please do so this week. The wealth area works with the energy of the wood element, represented by a live Tree. Your wealth poster should be rectangular, with the shorter side at the bottom [and top], so that it will look like a tall rectangle [as opposed to a wide, horizontal rectangle], or a segment of a tree-trunk. At the top of the poster write or paste up these words with big bold letters:


With the aid of the list you made last week, look for images that represent items you would like to include in your Wealth Poster. You do not have to include every item in your list and you can add items that were not on the list originally.



The energy of the wood element, necessary for wealth, may get blocked by the presence of clutter - objects that we do not need/love/use - but particularly by clutter created by food or food related items and closet clutter.

If you feel you may be struggling with these kinds of clutter, please click on this link for the page on decluttering prescriptions:


You are now ready to start placing items on your Wealth Poster. Remember that at the top of your poster you should have the words:


Before you place any item, ask yourself:

1 Will I use this in the next year? For example, asking for a snow-blower wouldn't make much sense if you live in the South and are not willing to move North any time soon. All items on your wealth poster should be things that you and/or your family will use within the next three years. I recommend that at least 70 percent of the items on your wealth poster be things you will use within the next year and one season.

2 Is this the item I want?
Beware of these two tendencies:

- Underasking. Say for example that you love milk-shakes and you are asking for a blender. Well, a regular household blender probably won't have enough power and speed to produce the kind of milk-shakes that you love, so instead you should ask for a commercial grade blender [like the Vitamix]

- Overasking. Say for example that all you want out of taking pictures is to point and shoot to preserve memories. In that case a camera with all sorts of interchangeable lenses and features that you know you won't bother to learn how to operate, is not for you and you should ask for a simpler model.

3 Does this item have to be brand new or would it be Ok for me if it was second-hand? For example, if you are asking for running shoes, then most likely they should be new, but if you are asking for a certain kind of dresser you might not mind getting it at a yard sale or re-sale shop. It's up to you to detrmine your requirements as to new or used.

If you didn't find images for some of the items you want to include, you can make drawings and/or write descriptions on index cards and place them on your Wealth Poster.


There isn't really anything that you need to do to activate a Wealth Poster. Some of you might have found that it started working even from the moment you made the list, before you had put the poster up.

There are some things, however, that will help ensure that the energies related to wealth run more smoothly:

- Choose an inexpensive item in your wealth poster and purchase it using cash. If at any time you feel that the wealth area in your life has gotten stuck, choose another small item and purchase it with cash.

- Get used to seeing money in your hands. Transactions made with cash are over with as soon as money and products or services are exchanged, there is no need to wait for checks to clear or credit cards to be paid. This helps keep money energy clear. If you were raised to think that money is dirty [in the literal sense, germs, etc.] this may have influenced your symbolic perception of money. In Feng Shui, money is associated with water. Visualize a waterfall of clean money flowing through your fingers. This flow is endless.

- Remember that money and wealth are NOT equivalent. Wealth is what is left after the money has come and gone. The only way to retain water and prevent it from going down is by the use of the wood element, living vegetation that "drinks it up," this translates as investments. Say yes to financing investments but no to borrowing to spend. My grandfather used to say: "When I get things on credit, I feel like I'm being given gifts... but when the bills arrive, I feel like I'm being robbed."

- Pay small debts. Big debts may feel like a heavy burden from the financial viewpoint, but small debts are heavier from the moral viewpoint. It is more objectionable to not pay small debts for the simple reason that most likely we are able to pay them, therefore at some level we have been choosing not to do so.


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