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To work with Moni is always a win/win situation. She was introduced to me some years ago by a person who I respect. Moni's consultation improved my facility and I gained knowledge about Feng Shui. I understood how important it was for building a successful work place.

Moni has skills and passion as well as architecture background of expertise. She sees, contemplates and creates plans for improvements. She is knowledgeable, healthy and sound, and this is this kind of advisor that you want in your life.

The suggestions that came from first evaluation did have unique value. Evidence of improvements translated to success of my work place in the following months and years.

Doing business with her is an opportunity for growth. When she is done with the report, her job is not over but she continues building a bigger foundation for the future. You will feel not abandoned by her, there will be opportunities to learn more and master more elements if you have the desire to do that.

Many businesses need Moni's expertise, and this is better done sooner than later. Waiting too long is expensive.

Jerzy Tworek P.T., I.M.T.,C. CEO Integrated Physical Therapy

Having Moni do Feng Shui consultation for business was extremely beneficial, not only for guidance on how to optimize and beautify the work space, but also to help define and solidify work goals. Moni asked very poignant questions that really made me analyze what it was that I wanted out of my work. I found my career motivation peaked after our session. Not only did I benefit, but so did each of my work colleagues who met with Moni. Her advice resulted in greater professionalism on all our parts individually as well as a stronger, more cohesive business practice collectively. Moni helped our practice take great strides forward and for this I am very thankful. I strongly recommend that you invite her to enlighten you as well.

Monica's professional approach and breadth of knowledge were immediately apparent the first time I met her. Having her come into my home provided me with all sorts of insights that I would not have otherwise had. She was able to explain the messages my home was sending that I took for granted, being that I am so familiar with it. If these messages were not inline with my personal goals and desires, she offered several suggestions for how to change them. I found her outside opinion and wisdom to be greatly valuable and am still consulting either her or her informative book any time I make changes in my home. I would highly recommend Monica and her services. My home is now a lot more inviting and pleasant to come home to than it once was, and this is apparent inside and out!

Meredith Harrison, Knoxville, TN

I loved the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® Online Course.

This program offers so many opportunities for a novice as well as anyone well read in the art of Feng Shui.

The course offers the viewer the opportunity to learn at your own pace. If you don't understand you can re-watch or Moni is always available and approachable with questions.

The best part of the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® Online Course is it advocates making small changers don't have to repaint your whole house!

One of the best things I learned is you can't just make changes for the bagua area but also take into account what the purpose of the room is.

You also get to learn from other people's challenges and that really helped in my understanding of Feng Shui.

While the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® Online Course makes small changes it also explains concepts that I never learned from other Feng Shui books or practitioners, so the small changes have a big impact.

I whole heartedly endorse the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® Online Course for anyone that wants to gain a greater understanding of a complex and fascinating art.

- Lynda Concord, Knoxville, TN

The content was very informative and easy to understand. I feel that I can go into a home or business and practice the 9 Step System with ease and grace.

Moni was a great instructor, being a teacher myself I know the importance of conveying information in an effective way and not make the student feel "silly" for asking a question.

Moni answered all of my questions quickly and she made me feel excited about feng shui.

The videos were clear and detailed and were posted in a timely manner so that the course "flowed" and there weren't any interruptions because you could refer back to the manuals and charts that were included in the course.

I have previously read many books about feng shui but I was always confused about doing it as a profession because of the conflicting information out there.

Moni brings a fresh perspective that is both holistic and healing and she teaches it from a love paradigm which is absolutely awesome!


Tatia Biddle, Milwaukee, WI

Dear Moni,

Thank you so much for offering your Nine Steps to Feng Shui® Online Course.

It is so much easier to learn about it and work on the things I have learned, one step at a time.

I am so happy that I had the choice to pay-as-I-go.

I have had a lot of stressful things in my life in the past year prior to joining your class, and it is hard to keep to a schedule, as I never know when I will be feeling up or down and need to take my time.

I am so grateful that I found your site. You make it simple and easy to understand.

I like being able to review the prior videos as well.

Many Thanks,

Robin R., Montana

Remember the instructions get a picture of you at your earliest childhood and put it in the left corner over your desk for affluence [Spring Journey for Wealth]? Sure enough, I just celebrated my 80th birthday with a surprised visit from two long time friends from Sitka Alaska and having only one bedroom here, Two Motels about two blocks from here had our friends and my youngest son and mate for my birthday.

All took off for Thanksgiving and Carl's friends returned to celebrate his 59th. It was the most wonderful time in years and gifts galore from everyone. I told Jo, 'See that picture on the left hand corner. It is supposed to be lucky for money. I think it is lucky for bringing back the past good times and memories which is a wealth in itself, plus the realization of how wealthy someone can feel with so many people who love you. The whole house is rich with benefits that will always be remembered. Thank you for your suggestion. Love.


Oregon Shore


I want to thank you for your help with your Feng Shui advise.

Remember the "children's wall"? Well my three kids,(age 40,38,36) find,that I have changed tremendously.

My son was spending 4 days with me (he lives in Chile) and he said: 'Mommy in 4 days we had no fight or even a disagreement.'

Well my dear Monica I think you had a lot to do with it. I am really feeling very good in my home.

I do hope you´ll be back soon,as to continue the work.

I also enjoyed your bulletins by e-mail [Fall Journey for Healing], The most fun were the keys, I got rid of over one pound of old keys. I still have to laugh when I think about it!

Ingeborg Wintersteiger,
Quito, Ecuador

I highly recommend Monica Castaneda as a Feng Shui consultant and teacher.  I have recommended her to several friends and had glowing feed back and thanks from each one.Here classes are fun, easy to understand, and filled with great information.  So are her books.

As a consultant, Monica has an amazing ability to understand each client and to zero in on exactly what is best for that person.  Here consultations are so much more than traditional Feng Shui.

I have had consultations for my business and for my home (and even on the site before we built) , and can not overstate how very helpful they have all been.  All her ideas were great and she helped me to prevent and solve a lot of problems.   Monica gave me detailed information along with explanations as to what the problem areas were and options on correcting them. 

Monica is warm and frendly and a joy to work with. 

Mary Jane Campbell

more testimonials coming soon

more testimonials coming soon

more testimonials coming soon

After completing my Wealth Poster, I was telling some girls at work about it. I was giving them examples of what was on my poster and I happened to mention a chair with an ottoman. This lady says, "I have a chair and ottoman I would like to sell." I ask, "what color?" She says "Camel and navy." My couch is navy, camel and green. I was so excited I went to her house, checked it out and purchased it. As we were sitting there talking, she showed me a commode/dresser that she was selling and I had a new stand for my TV on my poster . Needless to say I bought both...........and I love them. I can't wait to see what is next on my poster.

I also had a dog bed on my poster, I helped my friend paint some rooms. She gave me a $25 gift card at Target. The dog beds were on sale for $25.......so I went and got the bed for my dog. :)

It is so much fun.........thanks girl

Jodi, Dewitt, Iowa

I found the classes at Scott on Feng Shui to be thought provoking and refreshing. The class proved out to be fun, interesting, mystical, and created a need to find out more.
The consultation has given us both a new reality from which to view our home,our lives, and our future. One of the most therapeutic results of the home consultation was to aggressively "clear the clutter" that was always there and weighing us down. I am more inclined now to approach change as a good thing and to not resist. The changing seasons help remind me of this.

Ed, Bettendorf, Iowa

I just finished reading and interacting with your Healing Templates for the lIfe Areas in Feng Shui. It is magical, beautiful, and full of wisdom. Thank you so very much for sharing this wonderful work. My thanks to Bill, also.

The affirmations are truly inspired... great work/play/guidance/sharing... all  of that. The images are very moving... I had a different reaction to each one. It will be interesting to see if over time the reactions shift. I'll keep note of that as I expect they will. I'll share more as I continue to work with this great book.


Hello, Monica. I purchased and downloaded the manual this morning and clicked through all pages, viewing
the images as I did so.
I am incredibly moved by this work and found myself crying as I moved through the manual. The insight
and beauty are profound, and I could feel shifts occurring within me.
Hats off to you and Bill on this work. I want to find ways to share this work with others and would love to teach classes that are centered on this manual.
Thank you so much!


I really had a wonderful time reading your book, it was packed with very clear cut information, lots of bold and colorful illustrations, easy to follow tips, and easy to follow steps. I will use this book often and definitely share with others, I especially loved the relationship section as I rearranged my bedroom immediately to enhance my love life, it really works!. I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in living a well balanced harmonious life.

-TR - Virginia
We continue to receive compliments from patients about the little changes we made to make the office more positive and cheerful – all of these are from women, of course - and so my co-worker and I continue to appreciate your helpful suggestions for our working area!

Anne, Dyersville, Iowa

Your newsletter has helped me change from a pack rat to someone who is getting down to the basics. I am getting rid of all the excess and giving it to people who can use it. My home is feeling lightere and happier.

Thank you

Jessica Williams, USA

Thank you for all your lessons of this past year they have been a joy.

Placing red glass grapes in the social area has brought me an abundance of social opportunities that I never would have expected.

Love, Light and Joy, Charlene in Biloxi

"After placing a waterfall image by my front door, like you suggested, my business has been getting a new client per day! This is a significant financial improvement.

I am amazed that such a simple change can produce results like these."

Bill Austin, Florida

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