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Feng Shui Bedroom

A Bedroom for Love

Feng Shui Bedroom

This page covers the basics of creating a bedroom with good Feng Shui. Free Feng Shui tips to re-arrange your bedroom to deepen your connection with your partner or to call in your soul mate.

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According to Feng Shui, the way the furniture in a bedroom is arranged, as well as the colors and accessories chosen for its décor, can tell a great deal about how two people are doing in a love relationship.

Conversely, re-arranging the furniture in the bedroom and playing with colors and accessories, can help that couple relate to each other in ways that are more loving and which show equal respect for both partners.

All advice for couples also applies to single people looking for love.

Below you will find a description with illustrations of the Ideal Feng Shui Master Bedroom.

The most important element of the master bedroom is the bed. The best bed size is Queen Size, as the Queen Size mattress lies on one box spring, whereas the King Size mattress lies on two box springs put together (symbol of separation). A King Size may work if you place a red fitted sheet over the box springs to symbolically "join them."

The bed needs to have a heardboard and that headboard should be of solid wood. There needs to be ample space for walking on both sides of the bed, and equal night stands, with lamps, for each partner.

Large pieces of furniture, like wardrobes, go on the side walls, never in front of the bed. If possible the larger piece of furniture goes on the right side (when looking at the bed from the front) and the lower of the two goes on the left side.

The Loving Hearts vibrational Feng Shui cure goes on the Marriage, Relationships and Partnerships corner of the master bedroom. The relationship corner is located at the far back right corner of the home or of the master bedroom.

Feng Shui Bedroom for Love
The master bed needs to be in the Power Position. From the bed, both partners need to be able to see the door but without having their feet pointing directly at the door. It is important for the couple to see something on the wall in front of the bed that they both like and that is representative of their goals for the relationship. A good example is the Pink Hibiscus print.
Across from the bed you need a low piece of furniture, a bench for two or a love seat, like shown in the picture. It is very important to have a solid wall behind the headboard.

These are the requirements for a master bedroom that promotes love:


-The bed should be placed in such a position that both partners can see the door, but no part of the bed should be right in front of the door.

-There should be a solid wall behind the headboard. There can be windows to the sides of the bed, but not right behind it. If your last resort is to put the bed underneath the window then you can buy blinds online (opens another site) to create the illusion of a full wall behind the bed. Keep in mind that only double cell blinds are Feng Shui correct. Avoid using mini-blinds, as they are not recommended in Feng Shui.

-There should be ample space on both sides of the bed for both partners to be able to get to their side with ease.

-There should be a night table on each side of the bed. These two should be similar in size and design, if not equal. Place a soft yellow light lamp on each of them.

-A headboard symbolically adds the idea of solidity and stability to a relationship. A wooden headboard is better than a metallic one. A solid headboard is better than one with cutouts. Headboards with vertical “bars ” are not recommended for the couple, as they are reminders of either cribs or prisons. Never hang anything cumbersome or heavy on the wall behind the headboard, only soft things that wouldn’t hurt anyone if they fell.

-In general, avoid furniture that has sharp edges.



Favor earth tones and all colors that resemble skin tones, as they will create a warm feeling. This includes pink, brown, beige, yellow, cream, sand, etc. Have some accents in a shade or red, burgundy, or maroon, to add some fire to the relationship.



Only romantic artwork, photos or ornaments are welcome in the master bedroom, as well as pictures of the couple where they both look happy.

All advice for the bedrooms of couples applies to the bedrooms of single people who would like to be married.

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The number one common denominator of long lasting couples is kindness.

Do not worry about keeping love alive. Except where there is abuse and disrespect, love naturally strenghtens with the years.

The secret of a good marriage is in learning how to stay together through the hard times.

Couples who lack passion often say their partner is their best friend.

You may tell everything to your best friend, but you cannot tell everything to your love.

Your emotional truth changes from one moment to the next. What you feel is true to you in a moment of anger and disappointment, may not be true the next day, when the storm has passed, but you won't be able to retrieve the hurtful words you said.

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