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Feng-Shui-Correct-Furniture Video Course

With this series of mobile-friendly videos you will learn the basics of choosing furniture so you can evaluate the furniture you already own and make sure that any future purchases of furniture are Feng-Shui-Correct.


Play SA-M0-00-Introduction
Play SA-M0-01-Movable Furniture
Play SA-M0-02-Rounded Corners
Play SA-M0-03-Corner Furniture
Play SA-M0-04-Unstable Furniture
Play SA-M0-05-Metal Furniture
Play SA-M0-06-Tripping Hazards
Play SA-M0-07-Glass Furniture
You will receive a confirmation email with your purchase. Moni will contact you within 24 hours with the link to the course, your unique username and password, and an invitation to join teh private Facebook group.

To take full advantage of this course, make sure you have:

  • High speed internet to watch the videos.
  • A Facebook account so I can add you to a private group where you can ask questions.
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