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Feng Shui Decluttering Tips

Are you looking for Feng Shui Decluttering Tips? If so, you have come to the right place. Moni Castaneda offers a free course on Feng Shui Decluttering Tips. You may scroll down to enroll in this free course, but we suggest you please watch the video below first:

You know how so many people struggle with keeping their home tidy and organized?

They have tried many things:

  • They have read articles and books on decluttering.
  • They have taken courses on decluttering.
  • Some have even gotten professional help.

They may have temporary improvements, but after a short time, they always go back to their old ways.

No matter what they have done, nothing has worked for them in the long term. Their clutter always seems to be a step ahead of them. Their homes are a mess, and they feel terrible about it.

  • Papers pile up on counters and tables.
  • Closets overflow with unused clothes.
  • Sometimes it is hard to open a door, or even walk through a room!

The good news is that I have a program called Declutter for Good that helps people declutter and organize their homes and keep them tidy FOR LIFE.

What's great is that this program:

  • Requires no self-discipline.
  • Requires no will power.
  • Even people who have told me that they suffered from attention deficit disorder or depression were able to effectively declutter with this course.

The program works so well because it transforms the way people feel about their homes and their stuff, so they learn to live only with what they use and love.

Once their heart is in it, decluttering and organizing becomes easy!


Feng Shui Decluttering Tips

Enrolling in the completely free, no-strings-attached, email course Decluttering Tips for the Nine Life Areas is a great way to learn some basics of Feng Shui Decluttering, and get a sense of how beneficial the full program Declutter from the Heart may be for you.


Taking a free course on Free Feng Shui Decluttering Tips is a great first step to start transforming the way you address house work and home organization.

Of course, there will need to be more, but this course will give you a fantastic jump-start.

We want you to start seeing the amazing results from using these tips first, and then we will send you an invitation via email to join the Full Course Declutter from the Heart.

If you have tried the articles, the books, taken other courses, or even asked for professional help, but your home is still cluttered and unorganized it's time to try something new!

Enroll below, it's free!


"When the Decluttering ... course came along, I knew right away it was what I needed.  Clutter is in the way of everything for me, and I had spent years [working] on my packrat tendencies only to attract clutter over and over again, so I knew that my changes truly needed to come “from the heart.”

This was not the first online course I’ve taken, but I appreciated the combination of video presentation, chat for Q&A, support of a group, and email follow-ups with recording, helpful links, and “homework” reminders.

A tremendous amount of information was introduced in small, actionable pieces...

Now I am empowered to remove obstacles and let the process be easy.  I could not “just do it” before” but I can now, and I can recognize when not to push, when to let something be and look for movement in other areas of my life instead.

I am less likely to beat myself up over what’s not getting done, and I can more easily make a decision and then follow through.  It is easier to let things go that have been accumulating in my house.

I would recommend this course to anyone who has struggled for a long time with clutter. "

Emily La Fave, Benefits Administrator, Minneapolis, MN
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Hi, I'm Moni Castaneda, creator of the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System and the Declutter from the Heart Program. I help people become happier, healthier, and more successful, by showing them how their spaces at home and at work are already affecting them, and may be keeping them from their goals. I teach them to make small changes in their spaces so that they work for them, instead of against them, to help them be happier, healthier, and have more prosperity!

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