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Feng Shui for Us:
The Art of Space Arrangement

Official Textbook for the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® Learning System by Monica P. Castaneda

On writing "Feng Shui for Us"

I began writing this book before I realized what it actually was. I was merely getting notes together for my own use and practice and for the people who attended my workshops. But then I remembered my state of confusion when I first started researching about Feng Shui and thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice to have ONE book that was clear, simple, and had principles that were easy to understand and to apply?” “Wouldn’t it be great to have a way of practicing Feng Shui that wouldn’t require people in the Western hemisphere to stretch or change their belief systems?” And then, “Am I not already writing that book?”

The question still remained on how to present the material relating it to concepts that have been generated on this side of the world and are being used by modern healers. The answers to this last question lay both in the study of metaphysical healing (understood simply as the acceptance that we are not just material organisms, but spiritual beings and that the world is more than what the physical sciences can prove, that we participate in the creation of our own realities) and symbolic or archetypal psychology.

Through meditation and experience, an exceptional group of healers who gather on the Mississippi Gulf Coast every year enhanced my understanding about the “unseen energies” that act in our lives, and also pointed me in the direction of reliable and rigorous Western researchers that are helping the scientific world understand and accept their existence.

Another friend of mine became instrumental in the incorporation of other Western concepts into the book, clinical psychologist Silvia Di Santo, who is also trained in Gestalt, regression therapies and a practitioner of symbolic and archetypal psychology, which reveals that symbols and the appearance of things are a lot more important than we had believed as a society.

Contents of "Feng Shui for Us"

CHAPTER ONE gives you some basic psychological and metaphysical concepts that will help you understand why and how the environment affects our perceptions of the world.

CHAPTER TWO takes a look at reasons why we might create clutter and the importance of dealing with those issues.

CHAPTER THREE gives you some hints on simple, effective housekeeping

CHAPTER FOUR stresses the importance of adequate functioning and gives hints on fixing both physical and energetic problems.

CHAPTER FIVE deals with the relationship of a building to the outdoors.

CHAPTER SIX introduces you to the Principles of Chinese Philosophy, which are the foundation of Feng Shui.

CHAPTER SEVEN explains my simple 9-STEP FENG SHUI PROGRAM to Feng Shui your space, and

CHAPTER EIGHT gives you a description of the Life Aspirations, with their characteristics and advice on how to arrange the rooms in the home, as each relates to a particular Life Area.

      • Introduction
        What Feng Shui is and what it is not
        Why Feng Shui for Us?
        Feng Shui means “Wind and Water”

      • Chapter 1: Helpful Concepts
        Facts & Mysteries
        Common and Uncommon Sense
        The case of the Aura
        More Than Five Senses
        The “Superior” Senses
        The “Inferior” or “Unconscious” Senses
        Extreme Distortion of the Perceptions
        Destructive emotions serve no constructive purpose
        Prayer and Faith
        Pray Big
        Unanswered Prayers? No such thing!
        How Feng Shui can help and what are the Tools this book will give you.

      • Chapter 2: Deal with Clutter
        There is no way around cleaning and organizing
        Housekeeping Habits Worth Changing
        Stashed-Away Clutter
        Organized Clutter
        Messiness or Temporary Clutter
        Hidden Order
        Well-Intentioned Clutter
        Excessive Order
        Lack of Adornments
        Unclosed Cabinets and Drawers
        Tips for Decluttering the House
        Healing and Cleansing
        Chaotic Active Space
        The Junk Room

      • Chapter 3: Developing Good Housekeeping Habits
        Developing Good Housekeeping Habits
        Completing or “Closing” cycles
        Get the Right Tools
        How to Handle Paper Messes
        Do not buy things you do not need
        Laundry Messes (how to handle them)
        Dusting, Sweeping and Vacuuming
        Undefinable Objects
        Bulletin boards
        Keeping a Car Tidy
        Invite some Workplace Habits into the Household
        Job Descriptions
        Keeping Tidy

      • Chapter 4: Keep the Gears Turning
        All Items In Your House Ought to Be in Good Condition and Working Properly
        Take care of these obvious physical needs for repair, that we sometimes overlook
        Common Problem Features and their Feng Shui Cures or Fixes
        Ceiling fans
        On Faceted Crystal balls
        Irregular Shapes
        Slanted Walls

      • Chapter 5: The Relationship to the Outdoors
        The Outside of our Homes
        First Things First—The Entrance
        The elements of a good main entrance
        Choosing a site or working with an existing one
        The Influence of the Sun
        Check Out Plants, Animals and Minerals

      • Chapter 6: The Principles of Traditional Chinese Philosophy
        1. The Tao
        2. The Yin and Yang
        3. Chi
        4. The Rhythms of Nature
        5. The Five Elements
        6. Cultural Symbology
        7. Healing
        8. The I-Ching
        9. The Magic Square

      • Chapter 7: Nine Step Workbook
        What backs up the Nine Step System?
        Step One: Completing the Floor Plan
        Step Two: Balancing Extremes
        Step Three: Circulation
        Step Four: Timing
        Step Five: Harmonizing the Elements
        Step Six: Using the Right Symbols
        Step Seven: Fixing and Healing
        Step Eight: Assigning the Life Aspirations to Areas and Rooms
        Step Nine: Power

      Chapter 8: The Nine Life Aspirations
      1. Career, Life Mission and Individuality
      2. Marriage, Relationships and Partnerships
      3. Health, Family and Community
      4. Wealth, Prosperity and Self Worth
      5. Center of Good Fortune and Gratitude
      6. Helpful People, Travel and Spirituality
      7. Children, Creativity and Entertainment
      8. Wisdom, Self Knowledge and Rest
      9. Fame, Reputation and Social Life
      How to apply Feng Shui cures for the Life Areas
      Color Schemes




Book Details

Paperback: 196 pages

Publisher: CreateSpace (January 10, 2010) Second Edition Published in November of 2009.

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1448687209

ISBN-13: 9781448687206

Product Dimensions: 10 x 8 x 0.5 inches

Shipping Weight: 1.1 lb

Learn to recognize the features in your home that could be draining your energy. CHAPTER 4

Find some reasons why people clutter, and what can be done about it. CHAPTER 2

How bringing in practices and systems from the workplace can help you organize your home. CHAPTER 3

The Universal Laws upon which Feng Shui is based. CHAPTER 6

How to create an attractive main entrance. CHAPTER 5

What to do about bathrooms and the drain of energy they can produce. CHAPTER 8

How to clear a space from negative and stagnant energies. CHAPTER 7

The best position for the bed. How to create master bedrooms for love. CHAPTER 7

The The features in the bedrooms that symbolize separation (and which you should avoid) CHAPTER 7

What to do with slanted ceilings or walls. CHAPTER 4

Choosing a site. CHAPTER 5

Developing good housekeeping habits. CHAPTER 3

How to balance extremes. CHAPTER 7

"We are all tidy." CHAPTER 3

Completing the floorplan. CHAPTER 7

Tackling garages, attics and basements. CHAPTER 3

The messages photographs send. CHAPTER 7

Helpful mirrors and mirrors to avoid. CHAPTER 7

The arrangement of children's bedrooms. CHAPTER 8

The power position for your desk. CHAPTER 8

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