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Feng Shui Kitty

the story of cats and dogs according to the feng shui kitty
Feng Shui Kitty

Feng Shui Kitty is a cat that knows lots of Feng Shui tips.

She knows them so well that she can turn them around, backwards or upside down, to try to get rid of her "next door neighbor" – Little Pup.

Little Pup is a trusting, loving puppy who wants to Feng Shui her dog house and find love.

See Feng Shui Kitty give very bad Feng Shui advice to Little Pup!

Little Pup actually lives in the same house as Feng Shui Kitty, but also has a dog house that she wants to Feng-Shui in the back yard.

Like any self-respecting cat, Feng Shui Kitty has decided she owns the big house and the yard and only sublets the dog-house to Little Pup, whom she would like to see go away and leave her humans alone.

Little Pup thinks Feng Shui Kitty is her friend, and often goes to her for advice.

We advise you to NOT follow the advice of Feng Shui Kitty, at least until she mends her ways.

Please come back often to see how the story progresses.

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