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Feng Shui Long Distance Consultations



1 - An evaluation of the floor plan for:

  • Curb appeal
  • Completing the floorplan
  • Balancing excesses and extremes
  • Chi circulation
  • Relationship with nature
  • Harmonizing the five elements
  • Language of the home
  • Decluttering advice
  • Life Area Enhancements advice
  • Furniture placement

2 - Analysis of the Nine Life Areas:

  • Career, Life Mission and Individuality
  • Marriage, Relationships and Partnerships
  • Health, Family and Community
  • Wealth Prosperity and Self-Worth
  • Center of Good Fortune and Gratitude
  • Helpful, People, Spiritual Life, and Travel
  • Children, Creativity and Fun
  • Wisdom, Self-Knowledge and Rest
  • Fame, Reputation and Social Life

What you need for a full long distance consultation:

  • an accurate, clear, clean drawing of the floor plan[s] to include interior walls, closets, cabinets, furniture and appliances
  • photos of the entrance, inside and outside
  • several photos of the inside, to include every room and hallway in the home
  • several photos of the outside of the house or office building, including a photo taken from across the street
  • a few photos of the surrounding areas
  • a video that shows all you see when you first arrive home and a tour of the place [optional]

Consultations are done in a secret Facebook group that only Moni and you can see.

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Moni's professional approach and breadth of knowledge were immediately apparent to me.

Having her work on the Feng Shui of my home provided me with all sorts of insights that I would not have otherwise had.

She was able to explain the messages my home was sending that I took for granted, being that I am so familiar with it. If these messages were not inline with my personal goals and desires, she offered several suggestions for how to change them.

I found her opinions and wisdom to be greatly valuable and am still consulting either her or her informative book any time I make changes in my home.

I would highly recommend Moni and her services. My home is now a lot more inviting and pleasant to come home to than it once was, and this is apparent inside and out!

Meredith Harrison

Meredith Harrison
Jin Shin Jyutsu® Practitioner
Berkal Technique® Practitioner



To work with Moni is always a win/win situation. She was introduced to me some years ago by a person who I respect. Moni's consultation improved my facility and I gained knowledge about Feng Shui. I understood how important it was for building a successful work place.

Moni has skills and passion as well as architecture background of expertise. She sees, contemplates and creates plans for improvements. She is knowledgeable, healthy and sound, and this is this kind of advisor that you want in your life.

The suggestions that came from first evaluation did have unique value. Evidence of improvements translated to success of my work place in the following months and years.

Doing business with her is an opportunity for growth. When she is done with the report, her job is not over but she continues building a bigger foundation for the future. You will feel not abandoned by her, there will be opportunities to learn more and master more elements if you have the desire to do that.

Many businesses need Moni's expertise, and this is better done sooner than later. Waiting too long is expensive.

Jerzy Tworek P.T., I.M.T.,C.
CEO Integrated Physical Therapy
Knoxville, TN

feng shui floor plan

Long distance Feng Shui consultations are offered for homes and businesses.

Prices are based on a sliding scale based on the size and type of building, as well as the number of stories.

Our aim is to make Feng Shui affordable for Everyone!

What if you don't know how to draw floor plans?
If you believe that you cannot draw floor plans you can hire a draft person to draw the needed floor plans for you. Check with your local community college and you may be able to find a student of drafting to help you out. You may also want to do an online search for "draw floor plans online." There are several free services for this, that are relatively easy to use.

This is how to apply the bagua map to a floorplan using the "three doors" method, that master Lin Yun called the "compass of the heart." This method lines up the bottom of the bagua map with the door that contains the main entrance.



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