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Paint Rooms According to the Feng Shui Element

by Moni Castaneda

We talked previously, in a past article, about the reasons why you should never paint a room in the color of the life area in the bagua map.

So how do you determine colors for feng-shui-correctness?

The answer is simple: you honor the element that rules the conscious function of the room.

Room in the Home Ruling
Good Colors
Avoid These Colors Desired Mood for the Room
      (The colors that represent the primary element for the room) (Colors from the supporting element) (Colors of the element that destroys the primary element) (The general feeling the room needs to have)
Master Bedroom Big Earth earth element Strong earth tones, maroon, yellow. The colors of the skin, beige, light pink, brown. Red (accents)


Late afternoon at the end of Summer.
Children's Bedrooms Small Metal metal element Pastel tones. Earth tones in light hues. Bright primary colors, especially red; dark tones. Dinner time in the early Fall.
Living Room (formal) Big Metal metal element White, off white, pastel tones, metallic colors, especially silver. Earth tones in light hues. Red Sleep time in the late Fall.

Family Room

Fire fire element Red, lemmon yellow, bright orange. (Be cautious, a little red goes a long way!) All shades of green. Black Noon in the middle of Summer.
Kitchen Small Wood wood element All shades of green and light shades of blue. Dark tones (accents) White
Late morning in the late Spring.
Dining Area Big Wood wood element All shades of green and light shades of blue. Dark tones (accents) White
Early morning in the early Spring.
Home Office Small Earth earth element Mild earth tones, such as beige, light brown, soft yellow. Yellow wood furniture. Deep reds, such as burgundy, reddish wood furniture. Green Pre-dawn hours in the late Winter

Please keep in mind that the recommended colors for each room simply refer to the base colors, or the colors that are present in a larger scale. To feel comfortable, a room needs to have some presence of all the elements, but the proportion in which those elements are represented changes from room to room.

In our Nine Steps to Feng Shui® 12-Week Online Course, we devote all 19 videos of Week 8 to understanding the five elements and learning how to work with colors in Feng Shui. If you would like to take a peek at the table of contents, please click here. Please keep in mind that this page only gives you access to preview the table of contents, but to actually watch the videos you need to be enrolled in the course.

The Color of the Room Does Not Necessarily = the Colors of the Walls

Many people, and I count myself among them, like to have different colors in the different rooms in the home.

There are also many people who prefer a more homogeneous look around the house, choosing only one or two main colors.

People who are renting may not be allowed to paint, and there may be a number of reasons why for a lot of people it would be inconvenient to repaint a whole room.

If you want to have only one or two colors of paint in the whole home, choose a soft earth tone or an off-white color. You can still generate the ideal mood for every room with your choice of furniture colors, as well as with accessories, ornaments, and artwork.

Below is the same chart as a .png file you can share on Pinterest! (see Pinterest icon to the left)


Feng Shui Bagua Map

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