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How to Choose Paint Colors for the Foyer and/or the Career Area

by Moni Castaneda

In general, it is a really bad idea to paint any sector of the home in the colors of the Bagua map for the life area where the room is located. When it comes to the foyer or lobby, it is even a worse idea, because most foyers are located in the Career, Life Mission and Individuality area, and the colors in the Bagua for this life area are black and navy blue. This life area is the one that is also correlated with income and money.


colors for the foyer

Few decorating motifs can handle large amounts of navy blue or black, and those are usually in business settings. In home settings, it is even more rare to find good environments that have these colors as the main colors.

A single person with no intent to get married might get away with having a black or navy blue foyer for a short while, but in time, the colors may affect their mood adversely. A foyer in either of these colors would be very inauspicious for a couple or for a family.

Black and navy blue, when used in large amounts, tend to create environments that are dark and depressive.

I once consulted for a woman who had a bedroom in the Career, Life Mission and Individuality life area. This bedroom was occupied by her teenage daughter. When her daughter asked if she could paint the bedroom walls all in black, her mother encouraged her, because she believed this would improve Career for her and her husband and bring in more income. A greater income never materialized, but instead the teenage daughter became fascinated with black magic. Naively, the woman wondered why.

A young mother once told me that she did not know what to do to get her four year old to sleep in his bedroom for the whole night. As soon as I saw the boy's bedroom I understood the reason. The bedroom had been painted completely in navy blue. This color made the room feel oppressive and it was extremely dark, even when the blinds were open. No wonder the child was afraid to sleep by himself.

Trying to Force Results for Money or Career Doesn't Work

A Feng Shui consultant can never guarantee results for any life area, he or she can only guarantee that the environment will become more propitious for manifesting the desired blessings in that life area.

If a consultant promises specific results, then they are offering you magic and not Feng Shui. The consultant can help you create harmony and a better circulation of chi (the life force), but the chi decides which life area to help first, and this may not be the area that you perceive as being the priority.

It is not unusual for people who worry a lot about money or who feel in desperate need to find a job, to want to apply a drastic cure for money, like painting the foyer in navy blue or black.

Unfortunately, this will not produce auspicious results, for a number of reasons. These are detailed below:

  1. Painting the foyer in black or navy blue creates a YIN entrance (yin means cold, dark and damp) which is not considered auspicious in Feng Shui. In this art we actually seek to create a foyer that is YANG -- warm and light, so that it welcomes you when you come home.
  2. Large cures for the life areas are not recommended, especially in dire circumstances. The greater the need, the smaller the cure needs to be. Not doing so awakens the saboteur.
  3. Black and very dark blues are the colors of the water element and the water element functions differently from all other four elements. Whereas when the wood element, for example, is weak adding its color (green) in large amounts is helpful, when we are dealing with a weakness of the water element, adding a little water is helpful, but adding a lot of water is counterproductive. (To give you an example, if you found a potted plant that was looking dry and wilted, you would add some water to the soil, NOT submerge the whole pot in a tub full of water. In fact, doing so would likely kill the plant.)

So How Do You Choose the Colors for the Foyer?

To choose the colors of the foyer you need to consider the main characteristics and challenges for the foyer.

  1. Most foyers are small, so colors in light hues are better than colors in dark hues because they help perceive the space as larger than what it is. On the other hand, rich, dark colors, make the foyer seem smaller.
  2. The foyer is in fact the conscious expression of the Career, Life Mission and Individuality life area, but because of the peculiarities of the water element, we cannot use the colors of the element --black and very dark colors-- as the main colors in the foyer.
  3. We can use the colors of the mother of the water element -- metal. These colors are white, off white and pastel colors. Gray and metallic colors are also colors of the metal element, but it is recommended to use these only as accents.

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