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Never Paint the Whole Room In the Color of the Life Area

by Moni Castaneda

The Feng Shui Bagua Map assigns particular colors to each of the Life Areas in Feng Shui. Unfortunately, many people mistake this for advice on what color to paint the room that is located in that life area. This misunderstanding is so spread out, that you find some Feng Shui consultants and even authors recommend that you do this.

bagua map

The reality is that the colors in the Bagua Map are only the colors recommended for the cures, not for the walls!

The cures for life areas themselves are usually not very large and they are meant to be placed on the corner or midpoint where the energy of the life area is expressed more strongly, and not spread throughout the whole room!

In the graphic below you see the corners and midpoints of the life areas represented as either quarter circles or half circles. You can also see some samples of cures that we have designed for each life area. These cures contain the vibrational healing work of Bill Austin, created with the intent of helping people assimilate changes with ease and grace. For more information on cures, please click here.

floor plan

In the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System, we place cures that are inversely proportional in size to the magnitude of the deficiency in the life area. In other words, while you can afford to place a sizable cure for a life area that is already strong, the cure for a life area with which you struggle needs to be exceptionally small. I like to compare this to working out: while you can place large loads on muscles that are already strong, you should keep the loads light for muscles that are weak.

For especially challenged life areas, we use the Chinese principle of "very little," making only slight, minor changes in the space, that feed a message to the deeper mind (often mislabeled as the "unconscious mind"). In fact, the main function of a life area cure is to give a target –a goal– to your deeper mind. The deeper mind is the workhorse of energy and computing resources that life has given you as a gift for not just surviving, but actually thriving.

When you set a goal for your life by the use of your conscious –or aware- mind, it is the deeper mind that does the bulk of work to get you there. However, all goals you feed to your deeper mind need to be in alignment with the self image that your deeper mind recognizes. You cannot sustain in the long term, results that are inconsistent with your own self-image.

People who disregard the principle of "very little," and apply big Feng Shui life area cures, risk eliciting a reaction of the "saboteur." The saboteur is a self-protective mechanism that tries to keep us safe by not engaging in any activity or behavior that disagrees with what the deeper mind believes that we can handle, in other words, the self image. As the name indicates, the saboteur is a misguided self-sabotage mechanism.

If you have been struggling with a particular life area for a long time, it means that your self image is not great in that life area. This is why our Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System is organized in a hierarchical and synergistic order. Thus, we feed a new self image for the deeper mind during step number 6 of the process (using the right symbols), and only apply cures for the life areas during step number 8.


A Huge Mistake

Painting the whole room in the color recommended for the life area where that room is located is a HUGE mistake.

From the view point of the principle of "very little," the more challenged the life area, the greater the mistake. The idea of turning a whole room into a Feng Shui cure for a life area is sure to wake up the saboteur.

However, there are other reasons why it is not recommended to paint the whole room in the color of the life area in the bagua map.

Which reasons you ask? Common sense reasons!

If you have a home office in the Marriage, Relationships and Partnerships Life Area, and paint it HOT PINK (the color for this life area in the bagua), how much work do you think you will accomplish in this room?

If you have a master bedroom in the Career, Life Mission and Individuality Life Area painted in BLACK or NAVY BLUE, would you be surprised to find out you often feel blue or depressed?

If you have a living room in the Wealth, Prosperity and Self Worth area, are you really going to paint it purple? Good luck finding furniture that goes well with that!


How Do You Choose Wall Colors in Feng Shui then?

The colors for room decor in Feng Shui, including wall colors, are based on the colors recommended for the element that rules the function of a particular room, not the location of that room in the bagua map.

To continue learning about Feng Shui colors click here.


Feng Shui Bagua Map

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