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The Nature of Luck: When Feng Shui Compass Schools Attack

By Moni Castaneda

I would like to tell you the story of how when Feng Shui consultants who follow the Compass School have tried to attack me or my work, it has always worked for my benefit and the growth of my business. First let me give you some background.

I discovered Feng Shui in the late 1990's. People started asking me to do home and business consultations for them long before I felt I was ready.

People also started asking me to give lectures and teach workshops on Feng Shui long before I believed I had a good grasp of the materials myself.

Later on students wanted me to teach them my particular way of understanding and practicing Feng Shui – I did not feel I was ready.

The people who sought my help or my teaching would not take no for an answer, so I had to make quantum leaps in my perception of myself and the knowledge I had acquired so I could serve their needs. For this reason I started the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® training programs, which I taught as live classes for eight years before turning it into an online program.

Moni explains in this video how the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System is different from the Compass Schools of Feng Shui.

The Nine Steps to Feng Shui® Systems seeks to empower clients and student by providing information that has the frequencies of love and above.

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How I Decided on Which Method of Applying the Bagua Map to Use

One reason I felt so insecure when I started practicing Feng Shui as a business was that there was so much confusion out there, and book after book, audio after audio, video after video, some of the information I came across was not only different, but the authors flat out contradicted each other. Later on I would learn that after one Chinese dynasty had failed miserably in keeping Feng Shui away from the masses by prohibiting it (it became more popular than ever), the next dynasty tried a much more efficient and insidious approach: they paid Feng Shui masters and false Feng Shui masters to produce books with errors in them, then distributed the "bad" books liberally.

It was for this reason that I opted for studying on my own, with the help of a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) who became my consultant. Using ancient knowledge that is still used in acupuncture, I was able to contrast the information I found on Feng Shui with the know-how of TCM, and thus sift true information from superstitions and other disempowering beliefs.

One of the last things I defined in my practice was my decision to use the bagua map by aligning the bottom of the bagua map with the wall that contains the main entrance (the three doors method that Master Lin Yun has called the "compass of the heart"), instead of using a magnetic compass and the directions to allocate the life areas on the floor plan. This method is based on biology. You can see a video that explains this here.

I remember going back and forth for a while, and doing research not only about the methods, but also about the integrity of its main proponents.

It was an evening when I was searching on the internet about Master Lin Yun, leader of the Black Hat School of Feng Shui, that I found, as the first hit on Google, a website that had been created by another Feng Shui teacher, with the sole purpose of trashing Master Lin Yun's reputation. After browsing this website I was left, as often happens with these type of things, with my opinion of Master Lin Yun unchanged, but with a much lessened opinion of the other master, who leads a Feng Shui institute that operates out of California.

After that I decided to use the Three Doors method for my home and for clients, but from time to time, I would still have a nagging doubt on whether I should study compass schools more deeply. These doubts came to a halt when I received a very clear message from spirit which left me convinced that the Three Doors Method was the one aligned with Highest Good.

Compass School Attacks in Iowa

After a few years of practicing Feng Shui in the Mississippi Gulf Coast, my husband and I moved to Iowa, where I proceeded to build my local Feng Shui consultant business from zero once again. After a few years, I enjoyed a great reputation as a consultant and teacher and had wonderful work relations with the institutions where I taught this art.

About three years after I had moved to the Midwest a new Feng Shui consultant arrived in town. Her husband had appointed himself as her business manager and apparently was not happy to find that there was already an established Feng Shui Consultant in the area.

For the next year he would aggressively campaign against me, trying to ruin my reputation with the people with whom I worked. Every single attempt to hurt my business resulted in increased business and opportunities for me.

First, he contacted the community college where I had been teaching for the past three years, telling them that I was not capable of teaching classes and they should let me go. The response of the college was to ask for a copy of my degree in Architecture to keep in their files, and then they invited me to teach a class alongside a hair salon owner who taught continuing education classes for hair stylists. She was into Feng Shui and wanted to offer a class called Feng Shui for Hair Salons. We taught the class together and became friends. Her business grew exponentially thanks to Feng Shui and I got fantastic hair cuts.

Since this man, husband of the Compass School consultant, did not succeed with the community college, then he sent a letter to an enrichment center that was owned by a large hospital chain. I had been teaching in this place for two years. He sent a letter to the director saying that I was not qualified to teach Feng Shui and she should "shelf" my class. His arguments were that I had not lived in East Asia and did not speak Mandarin Chinese, hence I could not possibly understand the art. He included a test that he had designed for her to present to me, with the answers to the questions provided in a sealed envelope. The director of the center "shelved" his letter after we had had a good laugh about it. As I was leaving the center for the night, the programs coordinator called me aside and asked me what other classes I could teach, so we added Feng Shui for Business and Feng Shui for Landscaping to the two classes that I was already teaching (Nine Steps to Feng Shui and the Nine Life Areas in Feng Shui).

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He was not content at not receiving a response from the director, so he called her, and when she would not take his call, he sent another letter to her boss. This resulted in their legal department sending him a letter where he was told that he could face a lawsuit for defamation if he persisted. After that he abandoned this pursuit.

Desperate to get his wife work and recognition, this man then approached the president of the local IONS group in the area. He offered to have his wife present for one of their meetings. The president told him she would think about it and get back to him. He persisted in trying to secure a date for a lecture, but she insisted that she would have to call him back. She then called me – she was my dentist and is still a friend – to ask me if I knew this couple and what my impression was of them. I told her what had transpired at the college and the enrichment center. My friend said my stories confirmed the bad feeling she had about him, then asked me if I wanted to present for the IONS group. Of course I did.

Two years later, as I was getting ready to leave the area and move to Tennessee, I found a brochure announcing a lecture by this compass school consultant at a non profit organization across the river. I couldn't go because I had a new baby at home, but I encouraged my students, who were working on their certification to become consultants of the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System, to attend. They called me at 10:30 at night, when the lecture ended, to thank me for having taught them my Feng Shui system. Each and every one of them knew the answers to ALL the questions the public had asked, and each of them would have been able to give a response that was better than what the Compass School consultant gave. My students were horrified at the thought that had they chosen another route to learn Feng Shui, they might have ended up, in their own words, "with such level of incompetence."

The Story Continued in Tennessee

When I moved to Tennessee I quickly connected with many people in the healing arts community, and this led to offers to teach Feng Shui at a couple of healing centers.

As soon as the publicity went out, a compass school consultant who had been practicing in this area for a number of years contacted the two owners of the healing centers, upset that they were opening their doors to me, and threatening to write letters against me and my classes.

These threats helped bring me closer to the ladies who owned these healing centers and eventually led to Feng Shui Home Consultations in each of their homes. The classes thrived.

The Nature of Luck

When we behave in a manner that is aligned with Highest Good, from integrity, and teaching only love-and-above, we tend to attract "good luck."

Luck in Feng Shui is not equal to chance. Luck is the combination of the realities we attract, the realities we create, and our ability to be in the right place at the right time, ALL DUE to the strength of our energy field or aura. (There are three types of luck, which will be a subject for a future article.)

The strength of the energy field is rooted on ethical behavior. Truth strengthens the aura, lies weaken it.

In the case of the couple where the wife was a Feng Shui consultant, the husband's actions where coming from less-than-love feelings. He behaved in a very unethical and unprofessional manner. His intent to negatively affect my business was clear but all his actions ended up benefitting me, strengthening my business relations, and helping my business grow.

His attacks benefitted me because for years I had behaved with integrity and had built business relations that were so strong, that any comment against me only reflected poorly on himself and his wife. The people who knew me naturally aligned themselves with me and sought to defend me. His actions brought me to the consciousness of these relations, which resulted in my getting more exposure and more business.

In the case of the consultant in Tennessee, she was acting from a place of fear – fear of being displaced as "the" Feng Shui consultant in town, coupled with her fear at discovering that I had created my own method for practicing and teaching Feng Shui.

Both the consultant in Tennessee and the one in the Midwest had been trained in the same institute in California. Their teacher was the same master that had commissioned a website to try to discredit Master Lin Yun, ignoring the fact that he was only able to move to California and start his own school of Feng Shui because Master Lin Yun had been promoting and popularizing Feng Shui in the United States for many years.

When clients call me who have had other consultants work with them before, it is the consultants of the compass schools (what they call classical) that have caused damage, sometimes ruining the luck of the family. These experiences have confirmed my decision that going by the three doors method of using the bagua map was the right choice.

In Feng Shui, luck does not equal chance. Luck is what happens to a person as a consequence of the condition of their energy field, also known as the aura. A Mahikari teacher has explained the concept of luck by this example: "You could jump from the top of a building with eight floors onto a truck filled with mattresses, but if your aura is weak, the truck would take off just as you are about to hit it and you would crash onto the pavement; but if your aura is strong, you could fall off the top of the same building and just as you are about to hit the floor, a truck full of mattresses would pull over and you would fall on the mattresses."

This may sound like a stretch, but one of my teachers in the school of architecture told us these two stories that happened at sites he was supervising:

  1. Once two construction workers that were part of a team hired to build a high rise building had stopped for lunch and were enjoying a sandwich, while sitting on the top slab, happily dangling their feet over the edge, when a crane was accidentally turned on and hit them from the back, throwing them into the void.
  2. At another high rise there was a worker that tripped and fell down the still empty elevator chute from the ninth floor. A few seconds before he hit the ground floor a dump truck had deposited a load of sand, which had overflown under the elevator chute. The astonished worker got up from the sand, dusted of his jeans, then proceeded to happily climb the stairs two at a time back to his work post.

Perhaps the most dramatic example of strong energy fields producing miraculous luck comes from the "Lucky Six" firefighters that survived the collapse of the North tower in the World Trade Center on September 11 of 2001. You can read about them here. These six firefighters were on floor 24 when they got the order to evacuate. They were still inside the building, on the fourth floor, when it collapsed, yet none of them, nor the woman they were saving was badly hurt. After the rumble they called out each other's names to find that every one of them responded. They could see the sky.

All the attacks from the Compass School Consultants ended up benefitting me because my aura was strong. It was strong because I behaved with integrity in my business and my personal life, but also because I took good care of myself and kept my vibration high and strong. (Our next issue will talk about how to do this.) On the other hand, their less-than-love actions were weakening their energy fields, so they did not succeed in their endeavours.

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Many Blessings!


P.S. Remember, the advice in this newsletter, website, books, videos, social media, etc. is not meant as, or to replace, medical or psychological treatment of any kind, nor to discourage you from getting such treatments

Dear Moni,

Thank you so much for offering your Nine Steps to Feng Shui® Online Course.

It is so much easier to learn about it and work on the things I have learned, one step at a time.

I am so happy that I had the choice to pay-as-I-go.

I have had a lot of stressful things in my life in the past year prior to joining your class, and it is hard to keep to a schedule, as I never know when I will be feeling up or down and need to take my time.

I am so grateful that I found your site. You make it simple and easy to understand.

I like being able to review the prior videos as well.

Many Thanks,

Robin R., Montana


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