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Living YOUR Authentic Life with Feng Shui

by Moni Castaneda

In three previous issues of our Feng Shui magazine I wrote about how Feng Shui views success and failure and about the importance of having congruence between your values and your lifestyle. You can read them here, here and here.

I also posed the question of whether the values you have come from a deep understanding of your own self and the way you want to live, or whether they were given to you as part of your upbringing, but they no longer resonate with who you are, or who you wish to be.

TV, radio shows, magazines, newspapers and billboards have long influenced the way people perceive their lives. Today, with the internet, this bombardment of other people's ideas has become a constant pounding on our consciousness.

With today's technology and continuous exposure to marketing, it becomes easier for a person to disconnect from their true, authentic self.

Disconnected from the Self

Many times when I work with clients, and I ask them about their goals and desires, their answers sound scripted, as if they were learned in a movie or a novel. I want to share with you some examples, the names, of course, have been changed to protect privacy:

Mark: I want to make more money, not a lot, but just enough that I don't have to worry about money.

Lucy: I want to find a man who adores me, who treats me like a princess, who sweeps me off my feet.

Sonja: I would love to go on a cruise. That is my dream.

When I follow up with another question: Why do you desire this particular outcome? Most people do not know how to answer.

For example, if I ask Mark how much money he would have to make to feel that he did not have to worry about money, he doesn't know how to answer. He tries, but any amount he can think of in his head feels like it would not be enough just a few seconds later, when he imagines something else that could go wrong and cost a lot of money.

When I ask Lucy if she can visualize what that man would look like, sound like, or feel like, the description matches that of a popular movie star -- Brad Pitt, no less.

And if I ask Sonja why she dreams of going on a cruise, she tells me about the TV commercials.

The Truth Is...

The truth is that you do not need to have any more money to stop worrying about money -- you can do that right now. Worrying about money is a negative emotion that is actually disconnected from the amount of money a person has. I have met people who were extremely wealthy who were constantly worried about money, and people who have little but do not worry about money.

Lucy wishes to find the man that she dreamed of when she was a little girl planning her wedding with her best friend -- only the needs she has as a grown woman are different than the needs she imagined she would have, as a grown up, when she was a child. When I ask Lucy why she feels like she needs another person to make her feel like a queen or a princess (can't she do that on her own?) she starts to cry. What she needs is not a man, but to work on her own sense of self-worth, so she can relate to a man that would be a good match for her.

Sonja's imagination has gotten carried away by the promises of fun, dancing, and meeting interesting men that the TV commercial for cruise lines offer in their images. She also relates going on a cruise with being wealthy. She makes a good salary at her job, but she grew up in poverty, so going on a cruise has become a symbol of "having arrived," even though she has always been unhappy at sea -- ever since she was a little girl, she gets seasick.

In the Home...

I see this disconnection with the authentic self expressed in design and furniture choices that people make. Here are some examples:

• A family of self-made millionaires chooses a dining set that they do not like and which has very uncomfortable chairs. The lady of the house chose it because it reminds her of the dining set she saw in a home where her mother once worked as a maid.

• A couple intends to spend an enormous amount of money to remodel their bathroom based on a magazine clipping. The design includes a large, round hydromassage tub. When I ask them how often they take baths, the answer is "never." When I ask them how often they intend to take baths in the new remodelled bathroom, they look at each other for a moment, and recognize that they probably never will.

• A man wants to include a bar in the design of the great room of the house he is having built. When I ask him why, he says that a bar is a staple of all high end homes. The only problem is that he is a recovering alcoholic. I convince him to instead turn the nook that was designed to be the bar into a showcase for his airplane models collection. His girlfriend sighs with relief.

Do you see the pattern? We all have been imprinted from early childhood with ideas on what is good or what is bad, and what is desirable and what is not, but it is our job, as adults, to figure out who we are, what we love, and what will make us happy.

Know Yourself

Who are you? What do you care about? What makes you tick? These are important questions every person needs to ask of themselves.

People versed in traditional Chinese medicine know that when people do not follow their path -- what they came to do -- they develop a particular collection of ailments. I will be sharing with you what some of these ailments are in a future issue.

In a future issue I will also be sharing with you effective techniques, both from Feng Shui and other sources to connect with your true passions.

We will talk about destiny, luck, spirit contracts, and finding a path that has a heart.

Beyond Positive Thinking

Of all the case histories I could share with you, some of the most difficult are the ones where the client's lives had turned into shambles as a result of attempting to use the Law of Attraction and what they learned from the movie The Secret and the associated books -- yet the clients remained convinced that "this stuff works, I just need to think more positive to raise my vibration even more."

One of the main personalities interviewed in the movie the Secret, Joe Vitale, has recently publicly admitted on one of his own promotional videos, that the Law of Attraction does not work as it was " previously revealed" for half the people who try it. Now he is offering to sell a course that will reveal the missing link, the "real secret" that he has "never before revealed in public."

In the movie The Secret Joe told people ALL they needed to do was set an intent, and then wait for the Universe to deliver. Now he claims to have discovered that it is the unconscious mind that "attracts." Author Maxwell Maltz already discovered that our ability to manifest is dependent on the unconscious mind over 50 years ago! His book, Psychocybernetics is now in the public domain.

In a future issue I will reveal to you why Feng Shui does NOT equal the Law of Attraction, and why Feng Shui is more effective at producing better, faster, and more permanent results.

Beyond Affirmations

Affirmations are great, especially for Life Areas work, however affirmations by themselves are not effective when you keep telling yourself things that you do not believe deep down.

Bill Austin, my healer friend in Florida, and I have created the most fantastic collection of affirmations for the Nine Life Areas in Feng Shui, and we put them in both a book and a CD (or MP3 set of recordings, your choice). However, you don't just get the affirmations. In the book you also get a set of vibrational healing images to assist you in clearing any blocks you may have or issues that may be stirred up by the work with the affirmations. The CD and MP3 recordings, on the other hand, were recorded with an encoding of the Universal Clearing Profile, a fantastic clearing modality by Bill Austin.

With these spiritual and energetic tools that we have added to our affirmations for the life areas, it becomes very easy to make profound transformations in your deeper mind, so that your whole self aligns with your goals. Because of these deep energetic encoding, please DO NOT listen to the affirmations while driving or operating any equipment that requires your full attention.

Only One YOU

No other person has ever had, or ever will have, the special blend of gifts, talents and unique vibration that you have. No other person in the world can do the things you came to do in the same way you could. By not following your passion you are depriving the world of your blessings. By not following your unique path you are foregoing the connections that would both benefit from your knowledge and help you spread your work.

What is that thing that you often think you would like to do, and even though you convince yourself it is not a good idea, it keeps popping up in your consciousness?

In the next issues I hope to help you connect with your authentic self, with your authentic desires, and your authentic needs, so that you can live YOUR authentic life.

Use your home and office, and the objects in them as tools to help you manifest more of what matters to you in your own life. Check out my special February REBATE Offer.

Many Blessings!


P.S. Remember, the advice in this newsletter, website, books, videos, social media, etc. is not meant as, or to replace, medical or psychological treatment of any kind, nor to discourage you from getting such treatments

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