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The Feng Shui for Us™ Magazine

by Moni Castaneda

Choosing Feng Shui Correct Colors

Paint Rooms According to the Feng Shui Element

How to Choose Paint Colors for the Foyer and/or the Career Area

Never Paint the Whole Room In the Color of the Life Area

Feng Shui Color Swatches for Rooms in the Home by Life Area


How Feng Shui Views Failure and Success Part I

How Feng Shui Views Failure and Success Part II

Redefining Your Success with Feng Shui

Living YOUR Authentic Life with Feng Shui
Feng Shui Can Help You Navigate Grief
Is the Law of Attraction not Working for You? Here's How to Manifest
The Art of Manifesting: How Your Thoughts Create Your Reality
When Compass Schools Attack (or the Nature of Luck)
How to Become Lucky
Three Types of Luck
How to Raise Your Vibration
Raise Your Vibration with Bill Austin - Free Video
Blocks to Manifesting: Issues with Wealth Consciousness
Manifesting Health: Clutter In the Body
Blocks to Manifesting: Doubt
Blocks to Manifesting: Self-Sabotage
Blocks to Manifest Blaming
Blocks to Manifesting: Rabbit's Paw Syndrome
BLocks to Manifesting: Fixation
Don't Spend Another Dollar Until You Read This!
Common and Uncommon Sense
The Natural Archetypes of Feng Shui
Why We Use the Color Red in Feng Shui Cures






Moni was the introduction to Feng Shui for my husband and me (in the year 2001). We were not especially familiar with it, but were most interested to have Moni come to our home and advise us on how to make our living environment more “feng shui” friendly.

She explained to us some of the basics (such as moving our bed so that a beam was not dividing my husband and me in bed!), and advised us on how to use crystals to “square” up our living area. We followed her advice as far as colors to have in our “fame” area. We have been happily married almost 20 years, so something is obviously working.

We have read other books that confirm much of what Moni taught us, and so much of it makes good sense, such as not having sharp objects openly available, eliminating clutter as much as possible, and surrounding ourselves with things we love! Many thanks to her for her calm, clear way of instructing us, and her background in architecture gave her additional credibility!

Her book gives great insight, as well. We were excited to add this to our library. So many people have commented on how “warm” our home is, that they have started to ask us to help them “feng shui” their houses!

Lucy Sutherlin, Mississippi Gulf Coast

Click below to play a sound recording where Moni explains how she developed the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System:
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