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Feng Shui for Real Estate

Our Angelic Feng Shui Clearing Recordings can be played in any real estate property you wish to sell. The recordings were created by Bill Austin to clear stagnant energies from spaces and to clear vibrational blocks to selling. Click here to learn more.
Real Estate Consultations cost 0.1% of the Original Listing Price. Please email Moni to request a consultation.

There are a few things to take into account when buying a home:
the larger neighborhood,
the immediate surroundings,
the plot shape,
house structrure,


Take a look at overall condition of the neighborhood. What kinds of feelings and thoughts did you have the first time you drove into this area? Does it feel safe to you? Look for "ownership pride." A neighborhood where most people own rather than rent tends to be better maintained. Flower pots, windchimes and flags on porches and front yards are good signs, as well as toys, bikes, tricycles that have been left out overnight. Overgrown shrubs, broken fences and rusty vehicles are not auspicious [auspicious means "of good omen"]. Are the streets kept in good condition? How about the side walks?

Check out the traffic level and the kinds of traffic. If you wanted to go out for a walk or jog, would you feel safe? If your twelve year old child wanted to go on a bike ride by himself, would you let him? These are important questions to ponder even if you never go out for walks or jogs and even if you don't have children. The answers to this questions will give you an idea of the quality of the Life Force [chi] circulating through the area.


In the ideal Feng Shui site:

The building behind the property is higher than the house or its same height.

The building accross the road is the same height or lower than the house.

The buildings on the sides of the property should be slightly taller/larger or the same height as the house.

The street traffic reminds you of a clean, meandering stream.

The front door gets some sun all day or part of the day.


Rectangular and square shapes are preferred. Lots in cul de sacs where the front yard is narrower than the back yard are OK too. Triangular plots are a big "no, no"

The ideal Feng Shui plot is either flat or gently slopes upward from the street [the front yard is at a lower level than the back yard].

Lots located in between two other properties are better than corner lots.

The house building is placed centered between back and front or is a tad closer to the front. [in other words, the back yard is larger than the front yard.]

Make sure there are no big trees right in front of the house, especially one that is or looks like it is blocking the entrance!


Make sure you like the basic shape of the house from the first time you see it as you turn into that street. If you make concessions now, then you will continue to make them unconsciously every day during the time you live in this house.

Feng Shui favors one story homes, but if the areas is known for tornadoes by all means get a home with a basement. Finished or partially finished basements are preferred. Unfinished basements are too "yin" a Chinese term that means "the shady side of the hill" [cold, dark and humid]

Avoid "L" shaped homes, especially the ones where the garage protrudes towards the front. Avoid also any home where the garage seems more significant than the house itself. Because of the fumes, the ideal Feng Shui property has the garage as a separate structure, or has a carport or just a driveway instead.

Outdoor seating - it is the only way to ensure you will enjoy your front or back yard. Rockers and swing chairs, as well as outdoor dining make up some of the nicest childhood memories, so make sure the house you buy has the right areas where this can happen.


The entrance should be easily visible from the street. Look for a remarkable entrance that is protected from the elements and that has an area in front of it where good energy can collect. Check to see that the door and storm door open fully and comfortably. [for example if when you open the storm door you have to back up into the steps, this is not a good entrance].

If steps lead to it directly from the front yard there should be no more than 7. If the steps are on the side you can have two flights of no more than 7 steps each.

Porches are great!


Foyer - Homes with a foyer are to be preferred over those where the front door opens right into the living room. A good foyer would allow three or four people to exchange hugs and kisses and to hand coats, hats, gloves and umbrellas.

Split foyers [where as soon as you go in you have to choose whether to go up or down] are not recommended.

The first thing you see as soon as you open the door should be something pleasant, this would exclude the opening into any kinds of staircases, whether they go up or down.

Master Bedroom - smaller bedrooms promote more intimacy than larger ones. Make sure that you can fit your size bed [either queen or king] placing the headboard against a solid wall and making sure that no part of the bed is in the path of the door. You should be able to see the door without being right in front of it. IMPORTANT: If you find a house that is otherwise perfect but would force you to have the bed in a bad position do not buy it.

Bathroom - bathrooms with enclosed areas for the toilet are best, make sure that at least the toilet is not the first thing you see when you open the door. Separate tubs and shower stalls are preferred. Try to find a house where there is at least one tub where you could have relaxing and luxurious baths.

Kitchen - big or small, the kitchen should have a "work triangle" where one of these three would be located at each tip: work area, sink and stove. Each of these should be within two steps of each other. If this were not the case, is there room to add a work table or a rolling counter? It is nice to have a breakfast area in the kitchen, if it is too small for that, is there room for a bench? That way someone can sit and chat with you while you cook, or you can sit and relax while you wait for a meal to be done.

Bar setups - or high counters are big "no nos" for family [or couple dinners]! Make sure the home has a proper area where you can enjoy dinners that are vibrant with communication and which provide a relaxing/vitalizing atmosphere.

Ceiling height - avoid ceilings that are over 12 ft high, they make look great, but they feel uncomfortable because of the lack of proportion with human height.

After you move in, consider getting one of our Angelic Feng Shui Clearing Recordings, which can be played to clear stagnant energies and less than love frequencies from previous occupants. This is very important, so you can have a fresh start in your new place. Energies from previous occupants can and do affect the current occupants of a home and business. It is a good idea to always clear a space before you move in or as soon as you move in. It is essential to clear a space if any of these events have happened in your new home: a violent death, a long and painful agony, divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure, serious accidents, lawsuits. These recordings are also used for Feng Shui real estate energy clearing.


In traditional Feng Shui, there is a five element cure to sell a house. This is especially important when you think you or another person involved in the sale of the home but have conscious or unconscious blocks to selling it:

The "cure" includes

- WOOD: a shaving of wood from the skirting (in your case you will have to get a sliver of wood from the siding perhaps)

- METAL: a sliver of metal from the kitchen

- EARTH: dirt from the back yard (which symbolizes the past)

- FIRE: traditionally put the three above in a red envelope but we don't want to pollute so I have adapted it to red hot chili pepper

- WATER: fast flowing stream or river

You place the shaving of wood, the sliver of metal and the dirt inside a red hot chili pepper and throw it into a fast flowing stream or river.

There are other issues that need to be considered when selling a home:

1. Make sure everyone in your home is willing to sell it. A sale may be delayed or even stopped if one or more of the family members are resisting leaving the home for whatever reason, so talk openly to every one involved and make sure your intentions are lined up with each other's.

2. Don't risk it all. Since there is no way to really know how long it will take to sell a house, take the necessary steps so that you won't be stressed financially. Financial stress can lead to desperation and desperation may scare away potential buyers.

3. Take care of your home until the end. Do not stop making necessary repairs in your home just because you've put up a "for sale" sign. Keep caring responsibly for the home, so that everything you do becomes a blessing for those who are to own it next.

4. If there is any problem with the home that would discourage you from buying a home you have two choices: either fix it or be ready to knock down the price by twice the cost of the repair. People won't buy into problems (with the exception perhaps of contractors) unless they feel they are getting a great deal.

5. Accept and be happy with a fair payment for the equity accumulated in the home.

6. Be realistic. Whatever the appraisal of your home, or however much work you have put into it, it is the market value that determines the sale price.

7. Explore our Angelic Feng Shui Clearing Recordings, which can be played in any real estate property you wish to sell. The recordings were created by Bill Austin to clear stagnant energies from spaces and to clear vibrational blocks to selling. Click here to learn more.


Feng Shui real estate staging holds many of the elements of traditional staging, with a few additions. Here is the list:

  1. Fix the mailbox. The mailbox provides the first impression that potential buyers will get from your home.

  2. Paint or re-finish the front door, get a new welcome mat, and place two flower pots, one on each side of the door. Change the doorknob if necessary.

  3. Make sure the realtors and potential buyers come in through the front door and that the first thing they see after they open the door is something pretty and welcoming.

  4. Do not use plug-ins or artificial air fresheners. Instead, bake cookies or light up a natural scent candle before a showing. The scents that work best are those of food: apple pie, cookies, vanilla, etc.

  5. Remove all personal and unique objects, such as family photos and any quirky ornaments.

  6. Clean the refrigerator and the kitchen cabinets. Prospective buyers will always look inside.

  7. Explore our Angelic Feng Shui Clearing Recordings, which can be played in any real estate property you wish to sell. The recordings were created by Bill Austin to clear stagnant energies from spaces and to clear vibrational blocks to selling. These recordings are also used for Feng Shui real estate energy clearing. Click here to learn more.

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