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Feng Shui: Curing Shars or Poison Arrows

by Moni Castaneda

Chi - How to Cure Shars (Poison Arrows) in Feng Shui

"Shars" are "poison arrows." Poison arrows are created when two walls meet at an angle of 90° or less creating a sharp corner.

Sharp corners are considered physically dangerous in Feng Shui because of the potential of getting hurt if you hit them, but more than that, the CHI or Life Force that circulates along the walls meets at the corner and creates turbulence.

Turbulent chi created by shars is said to negatively affect the overall energy of the home. Most clients experience an increased sense of relaxation when they cover up sharp corners.

The traditional cure for poison arrows is to place a tall plant in front of the sharp corner. The plant should have uplifted stems (not drooping) and soft rounded leaves. When it is impractical to add a plant because of lack of light lack of space, then there are other solutions;

  • Ornamental corner covers, made of wood.
  • Corner-round moulding that is designed to wrap around the sharp corner.
  • Three (3) quarter-round pieces placed together.
  • A string of beads hanging from the ceiling in front of the corner.


Beaded strings are used to hang from the ceiling in order to cover "shars" (also known as poison arrows).

Hang the beads from the ceiling about half an inch away from the corner right in front of it. You can use ribbon to adjust the height to make sure your head and knees are included in that height.


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