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Feng Shui: What is Chi?

by Moni Castaneda

Chi (Life Force) In Feng Shui

Feng Shui - Understanding Chi (Life Force)
How to Feel Chi In Less than One Minute

Chi Attractors  

Chi is a Chinese term that translates as Life Force.

It has also been translated as Vital Force. In the Star Wars movies the Force was a way to shorten the term "Life Force" and effectively referred to chi.

Chi is present in all living beings, but it also imbues inanimate objects.

Unlike some traditions are classified under Animism, the idea that animals, plants and even objects are all alive and have a soul, Feng Shui is classified under Animatism, the belief that even though not everything is alive or has a soul, the energy of life permeates all of existence, and charges even inanimate objects.

Humans can live for weeks without food, days without water, a few minutes without air, but if chi is removed, life ends instantly.

Feng Shui believes that chi is behind all movement and the nature of chi and its behavior can be understood by observing the movement of the things that are easier to move: air, sound and light.

There are three main principles of chi:

  • Chi permeates everything
  • Chi connects all things
  • Chi constantly moves and changes

There are three types of chi:

  1. Beneficial chi, which is bright, meandering, and slow moving
  2. Cutting or aggressive chi, as a consequence of excessive speed or rotational movement.
  3. Stagnant chi, as a consequence of lack of movement

For good Feng Shui, you need to:

  1. Invite and gather beneficial chi
  2. Break up or slow down cutting chi
  3. Stir up stagnant chi

We suggest that you check out our pages on how to create a Feng Shui correct entrance that attracts good chi. Do not follow the advice of Feng Shui Kitty below:

feng shui cat tree

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