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Feng Shui Your Own Home

By Moni Castaneda. A questions-and-answers-based guide to Feng Shui of Your Own Home like a professional.

Moni Castaneda talks about the best books for learning Feng Shui, which includes Feng Shui Your Own Home with the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System.

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Feng Shui gives you the tools to live a better life, to get a much greater yield for all your efforts, so that you can enjoy life more.

Feng Shui is a very complex art. Fortunately, one of my gifts is that of explaining complicated things in ways so simple that even children can understand easily.

This book contains no theory, just practical information and know-how. Answer the questions in the key at the beginning of the book, then follow the instructions in the order they are presented – at your own pace – and you will see the energy of your home improve in a way that is safe and gentle, and that will in due time be reflected in improvements in your life areas.

You don’t have to change your religion or your belief system to benefit from Feng Shui. Like other oriental disciplines that have come to us, acupuncture, meditation or yoga, you can use the knowledge without changing your world view.

After five years of teaching this class on site to groups in different cities, I decided to put the whole class materials in a book.

Yes you can Feng Shui Your Own Home with this easy to follow guide based on an architect's approach to the art of placement, that adapts this complex knowledge for its practical use in modern life.


Feng Shui Your Own Home
with the 9 Steps to Feng Shui® System
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by Monica P. Castaneda

A life without Feng Shui is like a little sailboat in the middle of the ocean that gets carried by the winds and the water currents and ends up wherever they take it.

A life with Feng Shui is like learning to use the sails, so that you can go where you want to go, even when the universal winds are blowing in the opposite direction.

"Feng Shui your Own Home" visually shows you how to:

1. Complete the floorplan on the inside and the outside of home.

2. Correct imbalances such as long and narrow hallways, double height ceilings, and small rooms.

3. Ensure a healthy circulation of the life force by attracting good will to the entrance, making sure that the life force doesn't escape too quickly and that it visits all spaces in the home.

4. Work with nature, tune in to the seasons to take better advantage of opportunities and have a healthier home.

5. Harmonize colors. The basics on what colors to add when you start with a preset color for floors and walls. How to fix color clashes and how to deal with crazy color situations.

6. Use the right symbols, includes the right use of photographs, artwork, objects from nature and mirrors.

7. Clear spaces physically and energetically, including the angelic healing of the seven rays.

8. Assign and enhance the 9 life areas:

  • Career, Life Mission and Individuality
  • Marriage, Relationships and Partnerships
  • Health, Family and Community
  • Wealth, Prosperity and Self Worth
  • Center of Good Fortune and Gratitude
  • Helpful People, Spiritual Life and Travel
  • Children, Creativity and Fun
  • Wisdom, Self-Knowledge and Rest
  • Fame, Reputation and Social Life

...and learn how they are related to:

  • Foyers and hallways
  • Master bedroom
  • Dining areas
  • Kitchen
  • Living rooms and sacred spaces
  • Children's areas and craft rooms
  • Studies, libraries and book shelves
  • Family rooms

9. The Power Position and The do's and don'ts of furniture placement.

After I started messing around with Feng Shui without a guide, a terrible rash of bad luck happened. I hired a very expensive Feng Shui consultant and life went from bad to worse and the house looked bizarre in some areas. I bought a dozen books. The instructions were complicated. It was hard to stay engaged in the books, and some of the suggestions were just plain weird. I wasn't sure if Feng Shui was real but the bad luck was overwhelming. Even when I tried other books' solutions, nothing helped. Then my kid got really sick and had emergency surgery. I was desperate after that incident. That's when I found "Feng Shui Your Own Home."

Nine easy steps and we got our life back! I'm a believer. Turns out the expensive Feng Shui consultant and I had the bagua (house orientation) backwards!

The instructions in "Feng Shui Your Own Home" were simple and actually advocated taking small steps. With a series of question keys the author guides you to your solutions and allows you a reference to refer back to as you make the step-by-step changes. The instructions were easy to follow and the book gives wonderful explanations every step of the way. I found out I was sabotaging my house in some areas. Another great thing about this book is there are no mysteries or complicated math to struggle with. With nine easy steps, I found that my house began taking on a calmer feel. By using "Feng Shui Your Own Home" I didn't have to spend a huge amount of money or put in an exorbitant amount of time. "Feng Shui Your Own Home" didn't require that I repaint every room--it actually discourages that!

We saw almost an immediate relief. Six weeks since getting the book, my husband and I are exercising every day and my kids aren't bickering. The house "feels" better!

The book offered multiple cures for most problems allowing me to trust my instincts and take baby steps!

This book is the first and only Feng Shui book anyone would ever need.

Susan Smith, Oak Ridge, TN



Book Details

Paperback: 136 pages

Publisher: CreateSpace (September 24, 2009)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1449508030

ISBN-13: 978-1449508036

Product Dimensions: 10 x 8 x 0.3 inches

Shipping Weight: 12.8 ounces


Moni was the introduction to Feng Shui for my husband and me years ago, so we were excited to buy her book when it came out.

Moni's book makes good sense, such as not having sharp objects openly available, eliminating clutter, and surrounding ourselves with things we love! Many thanks to her for her calm, clear way of instructing us, and her background in architecture gave her additional credibility!

Her book gives great insight. We were excited to add this to our library.

So many people have commented on how “warm” our home is, that they have started to ask us to help them “feng shui” their houses!

Lucy S., Gulfport


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