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Melissa Sadler

Feng Shui Practitioner and Teacher in Moline, IL

Melissa Sadler was born in Tempe, Arizona, while her father was finishing up his college education. Both of her parents are natives of the Quad Cities, so shortly after her birth they relocated back to this area.

Ever since she was a child, Melissa has had a passion for re-arranging furniture. Her parents could not figure out how, at age six, she was able to periodically move all of the furniture in her bedroom around by herself, (including heavy dressers) without damaging the beautiful wood floors.

Melissa spent her childhood and early youth between Moline, Chicago and Colorado, where she was part of the Vail Women’s Sevens Rugby Team. "I have been blessed with physical strength and endurance," she says, "which are very handy when helping clients re-arrange their furniture and belongings during lengthy decluttering projects."

Melissa has always had a passion for the care of the home, somewhat at odds with an irresistible attraction to yard sales and flea markets. To reconcile the two, she is planning to start an online auction store business, with which she hopes to give her Feng Shui clients an added incentive to declutter.

She is passionate about recycling and the care of our Earth and also sells environmentally friendly home or business cleaning supplies.

Melissa has always had a creative flair and a love for retail, which led her to get a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing from Black Hawk College.

She had been studying Feng Shui and Decluttering Techniques for a few years before she became acquainted with Feng Shui for Us™ and the Nine Steps to Feng Shui™ method. She found that this system cleared up many previous misunderstandings and gave her the tools and confidence to help others improve and bring harmony to their homes and businesses as a Feng Shui Practitioner and Teacher.

Melissa Sadler is a graduate from the first class [2005] of Feng Shui for Us™ training programs for Practitioners and Teachers.

Nine Steps to Feng Shui Practitioner™
Nine Steps to Feng Shui Teacher™

City of Residence:
Moline, IL

Areas Serviced:
Melissa currently serves the Quad Cities and surrounding areas.

How far she will drive to do a consultation or give a lecture:
1 hour

How far she will drive to teach a workshop:
2 hours [minimum number of students or minimum fee apply]

Contact info:
Phone: (309) 764-2684

Feng Shui Home and Business Consultations are currently available in the following areas:
Knoxville, TN and surrounding areas [Oak Ridge, Clinton, Farragut, Lenoir City]; Davenport, Bettendorf, Clinton, Dubuque,
Maquoketa, and Bellevue, IA; Rock Island, Moline, East Moline, Milan, Andalusia, and Chicago, IL.
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